year two

Happy two year anniversary to my sweet husband, Al! Crazy that it was  two years ago today that we promised to love, cherish, and take care of one another for the rest of our days.  

In our second year of marriage we have done quite a bit.  Al moved firms, we had several visits from family members and friends, we went to a ball, we celebrated Lily's second birthday, we hosted Friendsgiving 2.0, we heard some live music and we had amazing meals, both at home and at restaurants.  We went to the ballet, spent Christmas in Kansas with family, and rang in 2013 with friends.  We went to 17 Yankees games (including two playoff games) and one Knicks game.  We went to spin class  and church more, and out less on Fridays (and were able to knock out full seasons of Roseanne, House of Cards, How I Met Your Mother, and Scandal - hey those are big accomplishments!).  We went to the vet 800 times for Lily (okay, really like 10) and had our mothers fly in to babysit her at times.  We visited Chicago, Long Island, Kansas City, Lawrence, Atlantic City, Rockaway BeachBrooklyn, St Louis, Paris, Provence, Saint-Tropez, and Westchester County.  We went on several fun dates and to Maryann's nine times.  I acquired Bernice the Camera and Al got new golf clubs.  We celebrated the health of love of our family and friends.  

All of those experiences wouldn't be the same had we done it alone.  They were good because we did them together.  We are good because we are together.

Despite doing all of that ^, we still had nights that we didn't plan, days where we slept in too long or stayed up too late.  We ate cereal for dinner a few times and had the pallet out more than the couch.  There were times when the laundry never got done, we pulled all-nighters at work, and the mail piled up higher than the stack of dishes in the sink.  Those messed-up kind of times are some of my favorites.  Because together, we got through the chores of life and the stress of work and came out smiling (and usually laughing).

Thanks to Al for being my partner in this full (and sometimes nutty) life we're living.  You make feel whole, loved and pretty every day.  Thanks for coming home at a normal hour so we can eat dinner together, making me laugh every single day, dancing with me to songs on commercials, editing my blog posts, putting up with my Instagram habit, and being the best friend a girl could ever want.  I love you and can't wait to someday have Willard Scott from the Today Show wish us a Happy 50th (or 60th? or 75th?!) anniversary.  Love and snugs forever and ever.


P.S.  This poem?  Still 100% accurate.

{photo by Tyler Wirken}
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