weekend recap

Hi there!  How was your weekend? Our time with my little sister was amazing.  But I'm slightly depressed that it's already over.  Here's what we did...

Emily and her friend Brooke came to see me at my office, but I had a few more things to wrap up so I made them wait for me.  Em took this shot of me "looking serious" in my cube.

I packed up work a little early and the three of us had a late lunch at Cafe St. Bart's.  Emily and I had plans to go wander the Met a little and have drinks on their roof...  Except we took a detour to Bloomingdales and, well, you know how that goes. :) 

Friday night we met up with another one of our friends in the city, Hilary.  We had a lovely time in the park and at Shake Shack.  Al was able to make it after work too!

Lily was on pigeon watch all night.  At one point, she jerked my arm about of out its socket.  I looked down and she is literally on top of a pigeon with it's wings flapping.  I shrieked and Al started yelling "SHE GOT IT! SHE GOT IT!"  Everyone starred at us and Al said loudly, "What? She's never got one before!"  People were laughing/starring/gasping all at the same time.  Embarrassing.  The pigeon lived and didn't appear to be injured, thank goodness.

There was one other strange thing that happened.  The table next to us was a group of Brits with a ONE WEEK OLD baby.  We kept starring at their baby and thought they were getting annoyed.  Then the dad stood up and goes, "um could we please take a photo with your dog?".  And I said said "well can we take one with your baby?"  What lovely people.  Here is Lily Mayo with the one-week-old Penelope Charlotte.

Finally we got our food.  I'm not kidding I would eat this for every meal if calories didn't count.

So much fun seeing Hilary!  Can't believe she's been in the city a year already.

I wish Em was here every Friday for Shake Shack.

Saturday we headed to brunch at one of my favorite spots, Buvette.  

Cassi met up with us too!

We shopped around Bleecker a bit and met some friends for drinks.  And it wouldn't be a complete NYC tour if we didn't show Em and Brooke a little Karaoke action.  (Please note her fantastic song selection.)

Sunday went a little something like this...

...followed by this.  What, you don't do sister face masks on Sundays?  Em did this mask and I tried this new one (that I love!)

Later we were back at the park where we met up with our friend Megan.  Lily was excited to see her.

A J.Crew pit-stop later,  and we were back home to make supper.  I went with my latest go-to, my roasted shrimp with feta.

And Emmy made her delicious peach and raspberry cobbler for dessert.  I think I need to share her recipe with you in a future post.  It was fantastic!

The weekend ended like this... (We sleep together when we're at each other's homes.  Is that weird?  I guess I just want to be around her as much as possible (and so does Lily).)

And this morning, Lil was all "where'd everybody go?".

We miss you so much already, Emmy!  The weekend went way too fast.

Here's to a quick and quiet week!

{photos by me and Emmy}
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