day 1 ::: paris

I've decided I'm going to have to break these France recaps up into days, at least for Paris, because we did and saw so much.  Trying to cram it all into one post is utterly overwhelming.  I apologize in advance for the days and days of recaps you'll see, but hopefully it will give you a good view of what we did, what we ate, and some tips on how we did it all.  

Without further ado, Paris.  Day 1.

Hardest part, by far, of our trip was saying goodbye to this little face.  But Lily was very happy with us for leaving her first with Al's parents, then with Team TBM, and finally with my mom.  I think she had more attention the week we were gone than she has had all summer.

Some overnight-flight essentials.  Make up wipes to "wash" our faces when we landed (I love this brand btw. All their stuff is great).  Colgate wisp toothbrushes.  Smart water - gotta stay hydrated!  And cute socks for cold feeties.

Six hours later we were in Paris and it was morning!  And then, my breath was taken away as we pulled up to our hotel.  We stayed in the 6th arrondissement (neighborhood) at the beautiful Hotel Luxembourg Parc.  The hotel was right across the street from the Luxembourg Palace and Gardens in a very quaint, local, and chic neighborhood.  Talk about great location!  I mean, how cute is this place?

We dropped our bags at the hotel (our room wasn't ready yet) and went in search of lunch.  My boss told me about her favorite lunch place in Paris, Le Cigale Recamier, and their amazing souffles.  They were only a short walk away - just far enough for us to start to get our bearings.  The place did not disappoint - great food and not touristy at all. I got the souffle fromage and Al got the petite souffle of the day - something with herbs and champagne.
My giant cheese souffle.
We strolled back to our hotel to change out of yucky airport clothes and headed for the Ile de la Cite for some hard core tourist stuff.  The Ile de la Cite is an island that is the birthplace of Paris.  For a long time, Paris was just that island.  As we walked closer we saw the Notre Dame towering above.  It's quite impressive and this year it is celebrating its 850th birthday.  That is SO old!

It wasn't too long of a line. We waited maybe 30 minutes?  Once inside we light some candles and said some prayers.  I always feel so spiritual when I visit these giant old cathedrals and I was definitely feeling the grandness and the sacredness within the walls.

Stunning stained glass. Like wow.

Loved the old arched ceilings.  I am always so flabbergasted at how these giant detailed buildings were built so long ago back before they had all this fancy machinery.  Humans are awesome.

The giant altar.  Wow.

Once outside we took a quick pic of the Palais de Justice - in honor of Al's lawyerness. ;)

We took a long stroll back to our hotel, across the beautiful Seine.

I was loving all the architecture and old, narrow streets.

We decided we'd move into this flat any day.  Look at all those windows!

After showering (oh, btw the hotel had great bathrooms.  Well sized, all marble, and with good lighting), we took a five minute walk to our dinner restaurant, Bouillon Racine.

Here I am ready for my first dinner in Paris!  Note how cute the ornate walls were in this place.  It was the perfect first-night dinner spot.  We felt very Parisian and there was good energy to the room.  We had a 7:30 reservation and the place was very crowded by about about halfway through our meal.

A fantastic meal - you can see smaller pics of here on our  What We Ate Day 1. 
Cheese souffle from Le Cigale Racmier. Tomato salad, beef carpaccio, steak, suckling pig, ice creams all from Bouillon Racine.
We walked home just as the city lights were turning on and the sun was setting (the sun set between 9:30 and 10pm while we were there, a helpful note for anyone going in the summer).  A perfect first day.

Strange that I didn't take a pic of Al the entire first day.  I promise he was there too! :) 
Tomorrow I have a recap Paris Day 2 - maybe one of my favorites of the trip.  
Stay tuned!


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{photos by me}
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