long weekend recap

Hi there!
Finally I have a minute to share with you the fun I had back home in Kansas on my long weekend.
It was just what I needed - time with family outdoors doing things I love (boating and shopping).
Here are a few (okay sort of a lot) of pictures. 

The one thing I can never seem to fit in before I leave for a trip is a manicure.
Thankfully the new Delta Terminal at LaGuardia has a nail salon in it!
My nails were done in 20 minutes and I let them dry in the long line for "boarding zone 3".
Only cost me three times as much as if I did them at my normal salon.
Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I arrived Wednesday night late.
My sister picked me up (after replacing her flat tire!) and we headed to Lawrence.
Gave lots of hugs to mom and then went to sleep.
I don't know how some people travel for work so often.
I only took a two hour flight and I was exhausted. #wimp
Thursday I woke up rested to this stunning view.
A little different than the scaffolding and rooftops that I'm used to.

Breakfast was fresh-from-the-oven made cinnamon rolls.
Looks like Mom even uses the recipe from the blog!

Then we met up with my dad for sailing on Clinton Lake.
It was a beautiful day.
I forgot how much I loved being on the water - it relaxes you like nothing else. 

We had a great time with my dad and step-mom.

Dad made a point to wear his Yankees shirt for me. :) 

You do not get more Kansas than a Coors Light in a camo coozie with a neck strap.
I mean...

Just as we were coming in to dock, dad's hat got knocked off by the boom.
Spinning a sailboat in circles to pick up said hat proves to be quite the skills test - and comedic spectacle.

Back at Dad's he gave me a walking tour of his garden.
They are big gardeners and I often get updates on the blooms and vegetables when I call home. :) 
Also, please note the fanciest rain gauge ever.
I'm mostly excited for the tomatoes and peppers they grow - that means homemade salsa in a care package for me!

Saturday mom, Emily and I were up early and ready to shop.
I didn't take nearly enough photos, but that's because we were on the move!
Although, I did manage to capture this...
Yeah, we're that family.
Best part is - we all bought the top.

Saturday ended with the way every shopping trip ends with the three of us - Mexican food.
No picture again.
Too busy chowing down on cheese dip.
(Side note, WHY are there only ~3 places you can get cheese dip in NYC? WHY?! Oh, how I miss it.)

Al arrived late Friday night.
Saturday we had breakfast on the deck with his parents and finished our France planning (they are joining us for a portion of our vacation in July).
I miss eating on decks - and outside in general. 

We met up with friends before our friends' wedding.
Watching Al and our friend Kevin together is hysterical.
Even a short car ride results in them quoting The Godfather and blasting Phil Collins.

Beautiful wedding for our friends Hannah and Matt. Congrats!
Me and my date at the reception.
What. a. stud.
Note the frenchie tie.

Speaking of frenchies, our Lily girl wasn't missing us too much.
She was running around like a crazy dog rabbit back in New York at The Barking Meter's spring event.

Sunday was a travel day.
And the best part of any trip is coming home to the sweetest little pup.

And the only bad part about going home is that I miss everyone so much more now.
And now it's back to the grind.
Oh well, at least it's already Wednesday. :) 


{photos by me}
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