weekend recap

Man oh man did we have a great weekend.
Amazing what you can pack into two days.
A laugh-filled, food-filled, walking-filled weekend with Al's parents, Retta and Deacon. 
Here are a few pics.

Lily got to be with Deacon and Retta all day on Friday.
They went on approximately 7,000 walks around the block which resulted in this:

Friday night we had dinner at one of our favorites, Penelope.
I was exhausted after a long Friday at work, so no pictures of the adorable restaurant.
But I did snap this happy face house on our walk home.
You can't tell very well from the photo, but we could see inside and it was STUNNING.
I love peeking in people's windows (in a non-stalker way, I promise).

Saturday we ate quiche...
...and then went and took a gander at the Freedom Tower.
Pictures don't do it justice - it is truly awesome.

From there, we walked over to Pearl Street to have lunch at Fraunces Tavern.
Aka, the oldest standing building in NYC - built in 1904.
Additionally, I would like to add to their wikipedia page that their fish and chips are quite tasty.

Saturday evening we sent the boys off to the Yankees/Red Sox Game...

...while Retta and I did a little shopping...

....followed by dinner in the garden at A.O.C.

Sunday morning started with a walk to the dog water park.
Lily's first dip in a pool.
How cute is Al holding on to her? So protective. (As he should be, frenchies are not swimmers.)

She had to be carried home - soaking wet.
She seemed to be was okay with it though.

Sunday afternoon we went to the matinee of Motown: The Musical.
You guys, this show is GOOD.
Al and I were probably some of the youngest people there. :) 
I've never seen so many 50+ year old people bobbing their heads and dancing in their seats.
As an aside, Katie Couric was seated a few rows in front of us. I love her. She is very small and pretty in real life.

We ended the weekend the best way we know how - Lobsterpalooza at Mermaid Oyster Bar...

...followed by Lily snugs.

Missing you, Retta and Deacon, already.
Thanks for a super fun weekend.


Hope you had an action-packed weekend, too!
Here's to making it through the week.

{images by me}
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