weekend recap

Has anyone started an official petition to extend the weekend to three days?
Because that. was. amazing.
We had fun, we got rest, and we had time for chores and errands. 

Here are a few pictures.

Friday I left work early and started a very long to-do list for the weekend.
I got all but two things accomplished, one of which was to bathe Lily Queen of the Naps.

Friday night we met up with some family friends in town for some Italian food.
The restaurant happend to be right across the street from Dylan's Candy Bar.
Half a pound of dark chocolate covered cashews later and we were set.

Saturday it was rainy and freezing!
We had plans of the park and instead watched movies and did one thousand loads of laundry.
Lily girl was NOT happy about it.

Then it was time for Al's surprise date.
He kept it all a secret which made it that much more fun.
He did a spectacular job planning.
Our evening started first with dinner at Esca, a restaurant that's been on my list ever since moving to NYC.
We started with the crudo tasting.
Then on to pasta - I had the linguine with clams that was briny and delicious.
Ended with espresso cheesecake and grappa.
Both the service and food were superb. 

Then it was time for part two of Al's surprise - tickets to Once.
Our seats were fantastic and the show divine.
I loved how they had only one set and the entire cast was on the stage the whole show.
A must-see for sure.

Also, I wore a tutu.
We also realized while on our date that three years ago last week was when Al proposed.
Thanks for a spectacular date, Al.
And thanks for asking me to marry you.
It's the best question I've ever answered. 

Okay - two more days to go here on the recap.
I'll get less wordy, I promise. 

Sunday I stayed in bed finishing my book until close to noon.
Usually I'd be aggravated at myself for such laziness, but I considered it a free day and it was lovely.
I also had a snuggly little pup which made it ten times sweeter.

From bed we went straight to the park for Madison Square Eats.
Lobster Rolls and park time.
Perfect combo if you ask me. 

Spent the evening with friends and a few bottles of wine on our friend's patio.
We got to take Lily which was so fun.

No seriously, we really need a patio. 
I don't think I'd ever come inside.

It was one of those perfect New York nights.

Monday it was time to get serious on that to-do list.
I went in search of Windex, and somehow ended up pulling everything out of the cabinet.
I am definitely that spontaneous cleaner - I think it drives Al nuts.
But  I love how happy I get when I reach for a sponge now and see my organized cleaning arsenal.

Back to Mad Sq Eats for lunch.
This time it was pulled pork sandwiches and a tamale from Mexicue.

Afternoon yoga.
Lily truly thinks yoga is a time to play (i.e. attack my ponytail).
Then when I'm finished she lays on the mat as if to say "I won".

Sundays supper.
All of this (okay minus the orzo pasta) was made in a foil packet in the oven.
Recipe to come soon.

What a fantastic weekend.
And last, but certainly not least, a very sincere and heartfelt thank you to those who have served to protect our life and freedom in this great country.
(fun fact: this was taken from inside our apartment  - you just have to crane your neck left a little. ha.)
I hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Whew, I'm worn out just from writing about all of that.
Best part about a three day weekend - is that it's now only a four day work-week!


{photos by me}
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