weekend recap

We had a great weekend with friends and did a bit of birthday celebrating, as well.  
Here are a few pictures.
Always a good way to start the weekend with the arrival of my Birchbox.
Really good loot this weekend.

Friday night we hit up Maryann's for dinner since it's my favorite
Then headed home for a movie, prosecco, and snugs with Lil.

Made myself a blue cheese biscuit egg sandwich to start off Saturday. 

Randomly decided to give Howard (our moose head) some holiday flair.

Then Lil and I watched a few frenchie youtube videos.
What?  You don't do that with your dog?  Weird.

Saturday night I wore probs my new favorite outfit.
Polka dot sequins, patent pumps, and my new birthday fur coat (thanks Al!). 

We headed to City Winery to watch some of our favorites from college.
Fist up was Graham Colton (LOVE him). 

Followed by Kevin Griffin from Better Than Ezra.
He was so funny!
Such a great venue to watch live music.  Highly recommend it.

Sunday we woke up and had to witness the beheading of Mr. Monkey.
Poor guy.  

Then opened some bday gifts.
Do my inlaws know me well or what?

Then we headed to Babbo for an early birthday dinner.
For some reason I didn't take a single picture while there.
Must mean the meal and my date were pretty captivating.

Closed off the night with some homemade birthday cake.
Lil helped me blow out the candle, duh. 

Great weekend full of love from friends and family. 

Now gearing up for a very full week.
Take a look.  It's crazy!

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

P.S.  Thanks for all the birthday love this weekend and today.  Y'all are sweet.
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