a little announcement...

Well hello there! You might have been wondering where the world I've been for the past few weeks. The main answer is working. But we've also been a little preoccupied in The Rose Household because...

We're having a baby!!!

I'm 13 weeks pregnant and we are overjoyed with the news! This is something that we have wanted for our family's future for as long as I can remember. We've been planning, and saving, and preparing for a little one for sometime and now that it's really happening - well, we couldn't be happier. I have always felt that I was put on this earth to be a mom and my heart swells when I realize that it is all happening.

Here are some details...

Due date:  Late September (a Libra!)

When/how we found out: I had a hunch about a week before we moved away from New York, but chalked up any irregularity to the stress of the move. But after another few days, we took the test the weekend we moved away. We joked that the only thing in our apartment was a couch and a positive pregnancy test. After a week in Kansas, a week unpacking in Texas, and a few days researching Dallas OBs, I finally found a doctor (who we love!) and made an appointment. Except that I couldn't remember or find my calendar with my dates in it, so we couldn't accurately figure out how far along I was. I guessed that I was maybe 5-6 weeks. A few days later I found my calendar and called the doctor back and we realized I was already 8 and a half weeks along! Time really did fly. I'm thankful that we were distracted with the move during those early weeks. It helped us not panic and worry too much in those early days.

How am I feeling?  I'm feeling great now! Although the first trimester was no cake walk. A few weeks of nausea and about two straight months of some serious fatigue. Let me just say that the struggle is real, my friends. I could barely stay awake to get through my work. (And thus the lack of any blog posting activity on here. Sorry y'all I was seepy.) So thankful that I was working from home so I could rest more. Bravo to those putting in full work days during the first trimester. I truly don't know if I could have done it.

Will you find out the sex? Of course! You know what planners Al and I are. I can't imagine not knowing (to all of you who can wait nine months for that surprise, I applaud you.) I like to have all the facts as soon as possible - so we will be finding out the gender here in a few weeks. Al swears it is a girl and I change my mind daily about what I think it is. We aren't rooting for any gender over the other - just a healthy baby is all we care about.

Any Cravings? SWEETS! And I'm not normally a sweets person. Nine times out of ten I would choose the salty snack over sweet. But that has changed completely. I find myself wanting donuts, pancakes, waffles, and pie all the time. Thankfully I don't indulge too much - that whole "eating for two" thing is a little misleading. I'm also craving fruit (a much better choice than donuts) and can't seem to get enough of sour fruits - pineapple, granny smith apples, key lime yogurt (?!). Overall, I'm trying to cram as many nutritious foods into my meals as possible...so that I can have pie for dessert. :) 

What will Lily think of the baby?! Lily has been the sweetest with me (per usual). She would nap every afternoon with me and generally stay near me at all times. Although, none of that is really out of the ordinary for her. I'm not too worried about how she'll be with the baby. She is great around babies and kids, and I think as long as she still gets some attention and isn't totally ignored when the baby arrives, she'll be okay. Fingers crossed.

Do you have a nickname or name for the baby yet? No pregnancy "bump-name". We tend to refer to it by whatever size fruit it is that week. So this week we have a baby peach. :) As far as real names - we have a few that we like but aren't even close to settling on any. I'm one of those people who always had a pretty good idea of my future children's names, but now I'm not so sure. It's so much pressure!! All I can say is that, for now, we mostly spend time coming up with names we won't use - names that absolutely do not work with our last name. (I.e. Any name that is a flower, color, season, month, our noun-like name). This is why we gave our dog the flower name. It's just not nice to name a human Lily Rose!

What do our families think? To say they are excited is an understatement. This will be the first grandchild for all six of the parents and boy are they ready. Phone calls consist of "what baby/pregnancy-related item can I send you" and "what should my grandparent name be?". Thinking this kid is going to be spoiled rotten!

The future: I have a few more weeks finishing up a project for work and then can really devote all of my time to this little baby I'm growing. :) I'm not sure what this means for The Rose Record just yet. I definitely don't think I'll be back to posting regularly, but I will pop in to give updates on my pregnancy and progress on our preparations for the little peach. But I also acknowledge that these next six months are the last in my life when I can really do whatever I want, without obligations or deadlines. I want to spend these next six months preparing and learning as much as I can. So I'll be around, but my focus will be on baby and not necessarily on TRR. If it seems a little quiet on here - you can always see what we're up to over on my Instagram.

But back to the point...we're having a baby!!!! Nothing in the world could make us happier. Both of us just cannot stop smiling. :) 


weekend recap

Ahoy! So the weekend recaps now happen on Tuesdays. And who thought I'd have more time to blog when I started working from home? Ha! 

But, back to the point. We had a pretty low-key weekend since we're gearing up for a very busy March. And the weather was kind of crummy, so it worked out nicely with my plans of hibernating and napping. Here are a few photos...

Proof of the bad weather. Snow. In Texas. Bonus points for a sheet of ice on top of the snow. Lily was so freaked out trying to walk on it.

Friday afternoon I had to be downtown, so I stopped by to see Al's office. Look at that studious legal genius and his stand up desk!

For dinner we popped by Eatzi's, a deli/gourmet grocery that sort of reminds me of Eataly. We bought way too much food (and key lime pie!) and settled in for the night to watch House of Cards. We only made it through three episodes, so no spoilers please!

Saturday mornings in bed are the best ever. Is it weird that I could watch her sleep for hours?

We finally got out of bed for quite possibly the most suburban Saturday of our lives. We went to Lowes to buy patio furniture, came home to watch the KU game, and then went to Applebee's and a movie (and the movie theater was in a MALL!). Who are we? All things considered, it was actually a great time! Although, I will say that while American Sniper is an incredible story, it is not the most enjoyable film to sit through. So much shooting (duh).

Sunday started out on a productive note. We organized some of the stuff in my office and unrolled the rug. We started assembling the book case, only to find out that the book shelf came with only half of the pieces and no instruction manual. Well, the rug is better than nothing, right? I'll just leave all that crap on top of my desk for another week.

So we did what anyone would do when supposed to be building furniture, but have encountered rad block. We napped. (Well, Lily and I napped. Al worked.) I wish I could make napping my career. I'm so incredibly good at it. 

Then we got a call from our friend Carrie from New York that she was trying to fly from Vail to New York and got stuck in Dallas. Our guest room to the rescue! And a trip to Gloria's for cheese dip and enchiladas. What a delightful way to end the weekend - a surprise friend and Mexican food. :) 

And then it was Monday. Back to work and back to the rain. At least Miss Mayo sits next to me all day. Too bad I can't get her to type my emails...

Hope you had a perfectly lazy weekend too! 


friday finds

Hello and Happy Friday! Guess what? It's SNOWING here in Dallas today! And, from what I've gathered from the news, this is a BIG DEAL. We'll get maybe an inch and it'll melt by morning, but hey, it's a good excuse to wear some of my big chunky sweaters from when I lived in the tundra New York City.

Due to the cold temps, we've decided to have somewhat of a hibernating weekend. Only thing we must do is shop for some patio furniture.  And some of my office furniture arrived so hoping to get that room set up, as well. 

Hope you have a great weekend! Be sure to check out the links I'm loving from the 'net this week.


First of all, I only see white and gold, so you blue and black people are out of your minds. Here's why we see it differently

The James Beard Foundation just announced its semifinalists. So happy to see some of our favorites from NYC, KC, and Dallas on the list. 

We were both crying at the Bob Simon Tribute on 60 Minutes last week. What an incredible man.

KU's own Rudy. The sweetest story!

This is how we're going to get through another week of winter. (Mouth. Is. Watering.)

Thinking I need these new sunnies for springtime. 


Have a lovely weekend!


master bedroom plan

As you may recall from our town home tour, we need a LOT of furniture.  Currently in our bedroom we have a king mattress and box springs on the ground, a side table, and a TV mounted to the wall. That's it. And it's driving me mad. Thankfully, we're able to put must of our clothes on the shelves in the walk in closet, but we have a few boxes of jeans and t-shirts collecting dust in the corner. 

Usually bedrooms are easy for me - a few side tables, a nice head board, pretty bedding and you're done. But, this time I was having trouble pulling the trigger. I had decided on the bed, but was underwhelmed by the bedding selections out there and felt that not until I had chosen bedding should I chose my dresser and side tables. I needed the bedding to dictate the "style" of the room. (I always really wanted all-white bedding, but we realized with a french bulldog sleeping in bed with us, that wasn't a very smart choice.) 

After changing my mind hundreds of times, I literally dreamed of the below plan and have decided to go with it. I wanted something soft, classic, not too fussy. Here's what I've planned...

What do you think?  I was nervous at first to put white bedding on an off-white bed, but have since come to terms with it. It's all relatively the same palate and I think opting for a gray-toned side table next to the bed, as opposed to a white table, will make it not as stark (the white dresser will be on the other side of the room). Eventually, I'd like to add more layers of pattern and color with some additional custom throw pillows (one can never have enough pillows) and drapes, but that stuff isn't as necessary right now.

I can't decided on a gray rug vs. coral. I think the coral would pop much more, but we'll see how Al feels about that much "pink" in the room. Has anyone seen any cute coral rugs? I'm not crazy about the one I found. I did get Al's sign off for the pillows and throw. I keep calling it coral and not pink so as not to freak him out. :) 

We've purchased some of these items, but not all of them. I'd love your thoughts. What do you want your bedroom to feel like? Do you buy your furniture first or your fabrics first?


weekend recap

Hello! How was the weekend? We were lucky (unlucky?) yesterday and were iced in with about two inches of ice on all the roads. Al's office was even closed! We had a very full and productive weekend before the ice hit. Here are a few photos...

We had our grill delivered earlier in the week and Al was like a five year old boy about it. He would go up each night when he got home from work to look at it and asked roughly 35 times if we could grill out on Friday. So we grilled out, despite some wind and cooler temps. It was worth it for some really fantastic burgers.

^^ Homemade baked beans too! Recipe here.

Saturday the forecast was good and it was looking to be our last nice day for a week or so. We started with donuts from a local joint we discovered, followed by a trip to the dog park, a grocery store run (where we bought furniture?), a few hours at the driving range, and then dinner and out with friends. That is one busy Saturday!

^^ I can't even describe how good these were. Truly tasted homemade. Don't worry, we didn't eat all dozen in one day...we ate them all in two days. :) 

A quick romp at Mutts for Miss Mayo. I can see already see this will be our weekend spot. She just loves it. 

And then something occurred that hasn't occurred in over six years. Al went WITH me to the grocery store. We tried to go a few times together back in New York and let's just say it didn't go well. But now that he's a grilling machine he had to come along so he can "pick out his meat". But the best part of the whole grocery store adventure is that we bought a table and chairs for the patio off of our kitchen. $80 bucks and I think they are pretty cute!

^^ Notice the salad to make up for the donuts. And thanks for the photobomb, Lil.

The sun was out so we headed for the golf course to hit a few balls. I'm not too bad after a few years off, but my form is just awful. Thinking I'll take a lesson this spring.

Dinner was at Public School 214, which we learned opened just three weeks ago. They've been in Dallas as long as us! Delicious food (homemade tater tots, deviled eggs, steak, mac and cheese, fish and chips) and fun cocktails. 

Sunday was cold, rainy, and after some post-dinner drinks with friends the night before, we all decided sleeping in was a good idea. Funny how we consider sleeping until 10am sleeping in, when just a few years ago that was soooo early. 

After we finally got up, we spent the following four hours watching Parks and Rec and hanging up our gallery wall. I'll give a few tips later this week for how to make it easy (it really shouldn't take four hours, we just took a lot of breaks...for donuts). We went from this lay out on the ground...

...to up on the wall!

And then I realized it was 4pm and I was still in my pajamas...

...so I did what any normal person would do. I held my dog and picked off my gel manicure. Totally normal. 

The rain never let up, but that didn't stop Al from grilling pork tenderloin for dinner. I'd say he's hooked. It's so fun to have him take an interest in recipes and cooking. He even marinated the pork all by himself!

And what a fantastic Oscars show to wrap up the night. I thought Neil Patrick Harris did a great job, although it felt like the middle of the show dragged on a little.  Not a whole lot of "wow" moments on the Red Carpet, unfortunately. My two favorites of the night were Rosamund Pike and JLo (minus her pink eye shadow). 

Oscars 2015 Rosamund Pike  Jennifer Lopez, 2015 Academy Awards

Mighty productive little weekend we put together. Wishing you an easy week. Here's hoping our friends in the midwest and East Coast start to thaw out soon! 


friday finds

Two of this year's Oscar Best Picture nominees - The Artist and Hugo - pay   tribute to Hollywood's golden age. In this picture gallery, we look back at   the glamour of Tinseltown at its tinsliest.

Well well, a Friday Finds post has been long overdue. I'm slowly getting back on track here, people. Working remotely + setting up house has taken priority over TRR, but I'm still here, chugging along when I can. I think I've finally decided a direction for decorating some of our rooms and am looking forward to sharing with you.  

In other news, our weekend is looking like we'll be indoors. A cold front is headed here (cold front = 40 degrees. Hilarious). We might see a movie, hopefully hang up our gallery wall, and definitely watch The Oscars! I've seen exactly zero of the films nominated, but I still love the fashion and excitement. And I think NPH will do a great job hosting. 

Here's hoping you have a warm and restful weekend. Check out the links I'm loving from the past few weeks below.


Loved this article about The Oscars from the show's producers. (Side note:  did you know they are friends with Ina Garten?!) 

Did you fill out your Oscars Ballot? I make Al and I do one every year just for fun. Mine is usually based on who I want to win and not necessarily who I think will win.

The 25 most low maintenance dog breeds. Notice number 3. Clearly they didn't account for our Lily's diva personality.

This made me cry. Just the sweetest.

Hey New Yorkers - NYC Restaurant Week is going on now until March 6. Don't miss it.

This is 100% me and Lily, especially now that we're together all day every day.


Happy weekend, friends!


weekend recap

Hello! How was your Valentine's Day weekend? I had a long weekend (my office was closed yesterday) so my mom and sister came to visit and help set up our new place. I'm sure it didn't make for a very romantic Valentine's Day for Al, spending it with his mother-in-law and sister-in-law, but we've never been very big Vday people. And we got so much done; it was incredible! We also, of course, ate a lot (of Mexican food), laughed a lot, and shopped a little. Here are a few photos...

I received this lovely photo Thursday evening as my visitors headed South. Only an hour and fifteen minute flight and they still got slap happy. 

They arrived just in time for dinner - and to serve as our first dinner guests at our new table. I foresee many long dinners with friends and family around this table.

Friday we were up at 5:15am for our Camp Gladiator work out. Al and I have been going for two weeks now and really love it. Not only is it a good work out, but we are meeting new people too. I can't believe mom and Em (okay, mostly Emily) got up that early to come with us - especially because it was so cold that morning (the class is outside). We got there early, believe it or not; so what else do you do at 5:45am other than take a selfie?

Friday morning I worked and then we went furniture shopping (as you may recall, we need a lot of new furniture). We kind of struk out, but did get some ideas for things like rugs and end tables that I want to wait and buy until after our sofa arrives.  And here's Em modeling our new chair (kidding!).

Nothing to cure the I-can't-believe-we-didn't-buy-anything-blues than some Mexican food at Mia's. We'd been before when we came to Dallas to look for town homes, and thought it was the perfect hole-in-the-wall place for Mom and Emily. It was good (but not as good as I remembered - we had sort of a terrible server) and the margaritas strong. We'll be back, especially since it is minutes from our place.

Saturday - Valentine's Day! I made pancakes for the crew and we all opened our Valentines. Tea towels for the ladies and chocolates for Al.

^^ Lily got a special Valentine's Day treat too. As if she needed more toys.

And then we spent the entire rest of the day outdoors because it was 75 DEGREES! A walk on the Katy trail, followed by more shopping, and then a picnic on our roof deck (still no furniture, but we did get a cute outdoor rug). Perfection. Especially for mid-February.

Sunday started with a huge breakfast at Buzz Brews followed by the world's longest trip to Home Depot. 

^^ Roll your own breakfast scramble. Yes, please.

^^ Totally normal to make your brother-in-law cart you around the hardware store while shouting aisle numbers we need to hit.

Back at home, we put our Home Depot goods to work - a shelf and organized laundry room, a ridiculously tidy guest closet with Christmas storage (not pictured), and new flowers for our patio. I love that kind of productivity. Felt so good. But we were exhausted afterwards! Pizza and the SNL 40 special and we were out.

^^ I should have taken a before photo of the mountain of random stuff from which this originated.

^^ Lily was so curious. Also notice the spoon. We forgot to buy gardening tools.

^^ Quite possibly the three sleepiest girls of all time.

Monday after another early morning Camp Gladiator (for three of the four of us - I'll let you guess who slept in), we cleaned up and headed for lunch and a day of non-furniture shopping. Lunch at Mia Cocina (because it had been two whole days since our last dose of queso) and shopping our way around the West Village (the Dallas version, not the New York West Village). 

^^ One last back tickle for Miss Mayo from my mom.

And then we had to say our goodbyes and they were off to cold and snowy Kansas. A million thank yous to my mom and sister for all of the work they did while they were here. Our house wouldn't have begun to feel like a home without you! 

And now it seems so quite here today. Lily is keeping watch by her window to see if Mom and Em are coming back. 

Hope you had a productive weekend. Stay warm out there kids!

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