weekend recap

What. A. Weekend.  
Our Friendsgiving party was pretty much perfect.  
Good friends, good food, and ended in a dance party.
Standard Rose-fashion.
Here are a few pictures from our holiday weekend. 
Stage 1:  Preparation
Follow timeline closely and chalk up the menu.

Pick up birch branches and berries for table arrangements.

Place cards and napkins all set to go.

Hang two new additions to the gallery wall. 
(Nothing like people coming over to make you tackle three-month old items on your To Do list)
Spruce up the entry way.

Bathe the demon.

Set the table.

Prep stage complete.
Enjoy with Cava + cranberries.

Stage 2:  Feast
Cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
Used biscuit dough this time.  
Very big rolls!

Roast the bird.

Gather friends.

Chow down.

Feed the beggar.

Friends are happy.

Thank the co-host.

Dance. Party.

Perfect night.

Stage 3:  Recover
Family pallet party all morning (and afternoon).

Amazing husband does dishes while you nap.

Continue the weekend theme of eating and drinking with Taco Bell + Prosecco.

Sunday, go for a walk.
Discover Madison Sq. Park leaf removal is a daunting job.

Finally get some productivity in with beginnings of holiday decor.
Our "mantle".

Head to bed early with Lily girl and her new "baby". 

Despite two days of napping post-Friendsgiving, I'm still worn out.
Wishing nap time was built in to the work week.
Here's to a quick one!

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