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Time to get back to our vacation recaps.  Sorry it's taking so long, we had a little interruption in posting due to the whole anniversary and Blue Hill stuff.  (A good interruption, I think.)  We last left off on our sixth day of our trip, our second day in Provence.  Today's post recaps our third and final day in Provence.  It was one of our more relaxing days and was a great way to end our time with Al's parents.  Take a look...

We started our day with a hike around our little village of Villeneuve lez Avignon.  We decided to wander in the opposite direction Al and I walked the day prior.  I just love these little narrow streets.  It felt like the setting from a book.

A few turns and we could already see in the distance the castle Al and I 'found' the night before.  I love how this picture shows just how hilly the area is - and I can't get enough of those red slate roofs.

We stopped so I could take a photo of this beautiful gate, only to discover by standing on our tippy toes that behind the stone walls was a gorgeous backyard.  Sorry for snooping, but it had to be done.

A few steps later and what do you know, we stumble among another castle.  Er, part of a castle.  We were going to take the stairs for the top except they smelled like really bad B.O. and they charged you 5 Euro.

We had a leisurely lunch in the village after our hike. Leisurely meaning we had two bottles of rosé because we thought they were cheap, but really our waitress just messed something up on the bill and we found ourselves drinking a 40 euro second bottle of wine when we originally thought it was much less.  It was a good turn of events though, as the four of us had a great conversation and reflected on our trip.  And laughed at ourselves for thinking we could get a bottle of wine for 5 euro. 

After lunch we headed to the pool.  We had planned on driving our rental car around to other sites this day, but after driving on the narrow streets a few days earlier we were a little hesitant.  We really wanted to go see Pont du Gard, an old Roman aqueduct, but after talking to Céline, our wine tour lady, she told us "oh, but it is only a bridge".  Ha!  So honest. So we opted to not spend our last day in a car and rather in the paradise that was our village and hotel.  Plus, I had to get my base tan before Saint-Tropez the next day. :) 

^^I had a blast watching these little French children play.  There's something so cute about little kids speaking a different language.

After several hours relaxing under the sun, we headed back to our rooms to pack and get ready for dinner.  Al was so great on our trip and only worked during times when I was getting ready or when I was asleep.  I got a little irked when he stopped helping me pack and got on his computer.  But then he explained that his beloved Royals were on a winning streak and he was able to watch the game online.  I obliged and asked him to turn up the volume.

Our dinner that night was a show stopper.  We dined at the notable restaurant at our hotel, Le Prieuré.  We ate out on the terrace and were treated like kings by the staff.  We did the tasting menu and were blown away but the flavors and ingredients of each dish.  My favorite s were the cheese course (obvi) and one of (there were several) the desserts - it was a spun sugar bowl with gold-leaf-topped peach sorbet and then they poured in peach "soup" around it.  It was the most exquisite layers of flavors in one bite ever.  I dream of it still.  (You can see most of what we at that night in our "what we ate" collage at the end of the post.)
^^The cheese cart.  Aka my dream.

 ^^The peach dessert.  That spun sugar was impressive.

What We Ate Day 7:
Lunch:  White fish over veggies, salmon burger.  Dinner:  Tasting menu at Le Prieure - zucchini panacotta, stuffed zucchini blossom, crab cannelloni, squab over foie gras, cheese course, chocolate framboise cake, spun sugar with peach sorbet and peach soup.
What a marvelous portion of our trip.  We were so thankful to have found such a beautiful spot to spend our three days in Provence.  And we feel so blessed that we were able to spend five days of our trip with Al's parents.  We love you Deacon and Retta and we're so glad we got to make these amazing memories with you!  
^^The next day we exited through the same sun-lit, tree-covered path that we entered three days prior.  Next stop Saint-Tropez!


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{photos by me}
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