weekend recap

Thankful this week is a short week.
A little hard to get out of bed today after such a stellar weekend.
Here are a few photos.
Caught a beautiful shot of the city Friday afternoon from my office.
Not a bad view, eh?

Friday night lights as I left work.

Al and I did a few errands on the way home in Rockefeller Center.
Check out that scaffolding required to light the tree.

Saturday morning we headed to the wineries bright and early my friend Julee's birthday.
I'll get out of bed for a mimosa any day.

Jo  acting as tour guide and checking out our next spot.
Also, I have pretty friends.

Oh hai!  Welcome to the winery.

Thankful for this guy....
(you know you like that senior portrait pose)

...and these ladies.

Annnnd the ride home.
Pretty much sums it up.

Sunday taxi ride.
P.S. Don't tell her about her neck fat, she's very self-conscious. 

Made it to the TBM and Madstone event.
Lovely event for a much needed cause.

She's such a natural on the step and repeat.

I can't think of a better way to end the weekend than being surrounded by frenchies.
Hope you had a happy weekend.
Cheers to a short week!


{all photos by me and The Barking Meter}
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