happy birthday lily mayo!


As if y'all haven't had enough Lily Madness yet, 
just one more post in honor of our darling child dog.
Today is her actual date of birth and since last year at this time this blog didn't exist,
 we get to have TWO full years of Lily love today. 

Lily Mayo Rose, you light up our lives more than we ever thought a dog could.
You are the snuggiest, sweetest, and most spoiled dog alive and we wouldn't have it any other way.
Here's to you LMR!  
We picked you out just days after you were born.
This is the photo that sold us.

A few weeks later we were sent this photo.
Our anticipation to get you was BEYOND after seeing your tiny face.

Then on December 30, 2010 you arrived in New York City
(on your own plane, naturally). 
You were waiting for me at home and when I saw you I dropped to my knees
because "you were so much better than what I thought".
That night was our first of many snugs sessions on the KU snuggy.

Look at how teeny you were!

You were quickly a daddy's girl....

...you even helped him root for his Chiefs...

...and study for The Bar Exam.

You passed puppy school...barely.

And it took you awhile to grow into those ears.

You kept growing and growing.
I used to whine at your vet appointments when Dr. Farber would tell us your weight.

And you got longer and longer.

Then before we knew it you were ONE.

You got to celebrate your first Thanksgiving Friendsgiving in New York. 

...and your first Christmas in Kansas.

By then you were pretty protective of your mama and dad.

You started to hit it big time when you were on two websites twice in one week.

And the Diva Dog kicked in and you started staying in bed all morning.

But we forgave you because of this face.

Over the summer we Skyped you from Spain.

And you went swimming!

You started doing serious amounts of legs-to-the-side time in the foyer.
Which is okay, because it means you're over chewing up my throw pillows.

And now you're TWO.
And just as sweet as you were on day one.

Love you more than any human should ever love their pet.
Happy birthday Lily girl!!


P.S. I warned you people that this post was insane.  Sorry I'm not sorry.
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