weekend recap

Truly a top ten weekend.
One of those times when you just feel....good.
Here are some pics of the goodness. 

We opened Lily's bday gifts from Grandma Retta.
Diva dog was annoyed we had to read the card first.

I met my friend Jolie for drinks at Terroir on Friday night.
Catching up with friends is always greatly enhanced with wine and a meat and cheese plate.

Saturday morning kisses for the birthday girl.

Saturday we were off to the park where Al and Lily made a friend.
She was darling.  And she loved Al just as much as Lily.

Next up was some shopping.
Look who was spotted at Michael Kors.

Filled our Saturday afternoon at The Antiques Garage.
That place is amazing! 
I fell in love with the tub of old cameras...

...while Al scoured the political pins for these gems.

After a killer nap it was time for our date night.
Big hair is always better.

Tested out the new Chelsea spot, Pounds and Ounces.
I got the P&O burger.
Fried egg, tequila infused thousand island dressing, battered french fries.
Holy burger goodness.

Met up with friends at Johnny's for some late night shenanigans.

Sunday was birthday party day!
We had a pretty good turnout.
Lily has lots of fans.

And, yes, the sweater came.
I wish I could paint that little green bow tie pink to match LBL.

Uncle Mac gave the Pup to Go a try.

Look at all her boyfriends...

...but her favorite is Al.

She slept through the evening and all through the night.
It's hard work being the center of attention.
Hope you had a top ten weekend too!
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