friday finds (lily edition)

A very happy (and rainy NYC) Friday to you! 
Most of the attention this weekend will be on Lily Mayo, as it is her birthday weekend!
Don't even think that we're not having a party for her. 
I mean, I carry the dog in a Baby Bjorn, why wouldn't I throw her a bday party?
If you're in Madison Square Park Sunday afternoon, stop by and give Lily some love. 

In honor of Miss Mayo, this week's Friday Finds are brought to you by the birthday girl herself.
Lil is a firm believer that all dogs are innocent until proven guilty. 
Just like this guy

We're pretty psyched for Rachel Ray's newest project.  
Why didn't we think of that?!

It's like J.Crew knew it was Lily's bday weekend when they issued this sweater yesterday. 
(Thanks Elle for the heads up!)
Not in stores yet.  
Don't worry, mine's being overnighted for the party.

Lil's going to get this card for her boyfriend, Commodore.
They're in serious love.

And now for a video of Lily the Genius watching last week's Space Jump.
She's smart huh?
Wishing you a weekend full of love, snugs, and frenchie snorts. 

P.S. Dog Nose Necklaces! (even this is a bit much for me)
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