WEEK recap

Hi friends!
I'm back!
Did you miss me?!  I missed you. 

We had an amazing NINE days at home in Kansas spent with family.
It was truly awesome. 
Lots of eating and lots of naps.
Here are a few million pictures...
Fun times trying to fit all our gifts into suitcases. 
I went with low-maintenance wrap this year.
Brown paper and red butchers twine.

And we're off.  
Lily loves looking out the car window, but she was even more excited inside the Lincoln Tunnel. 

First stop within ten minutes touching down in KC:  SONIC!

A few hours after our Sonic, we had some KC BBQ from Oklahoma Joes.
I told you we did a lot of eating. 

Followed by some Scrabble. 
Lily won. 

All that eating can me only one thing:  nap time.

The next day was Al's family Christmas.
Apples to Apples with 15 relatives is always a good time.

Hmm....this looks familiar

Christmas Eve Church Service was spectacular and very moving.
I can't even explain how amazing the candle-lighting is to watch.
A true representation of the light of Christmas. 

After opening gifts with Al's parents, we were off to Lawrence to see Pegs & Carl
Emmy was the most excited to see us.
Mostly because she wanted her napping buddy back. 

My adorable mom reading our tradition of The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve.

So thankful for all our gifts this year. 
(Expecting a flood, Al?)

Someone couldn't handle all the gifting and passed out mid-morning.

Gifts opened and breakfast served.  Time for naps!
Look closely, that's me, Ems, AND mom.  Impressive, huh?

Weird.  Lily laying in front of a fire.  She never does that. 

The next night we got to hang out with this cutie and his family.
A small wound to the head didn't even keep him down for too long. 
Such a trooper.

Seriously, I could never grow sick of this view. 
Just like what we see out of our NYC windows.  Ha.

Lil liked it too; although, she had a lot of land to watch.
She saw squirrels, deer, and wild turkeys!

Played around on Dad's new guitar.
I'm a natural (kidding).

And finally, after months without it, I got my taste of REAL Mexican food.
Greasy, cheesy, and better than I remembered. 
La Familia, I heart you. 

The next day was family Christmas with my Dad's side.
Grandma got an iPad!
Coolest grandma I know. 

Back to KC for our last day.
Remembered to eat our wedding cake top that Al's mom has been saving for 16 months!
It was...not good.

Time to go home.  
Boarded plane.  Then got off the plane. 
Some part was broken. 
Two hours into our delay we decided to work on our 2013 budget.
We both LOVE Excel (I'm serious) so it was actually pretty fun. 

SEVEN hours later, still at airport.
Lil was such a trooper. 

Finally made it home to New York.
Didn't take long to get back to our spots on the couch. 

We had a lovely time at home.
Thankful for our family, friends, and faith. 
What a spectacular Christmas. 

Oh, and because I know you want 'em. 
A few NYE pics.  
(We ate and danced at ACME). 

Happy 2013 everyone!
Now time to get back into the swing of things...

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