weekend recap

I can't believe it's already Monday!
Why do the weekends go so quickly?
I'm fending off a brutal cold today, but managed to have a great weekend despite my worsening sniffles.

Here are a few pics. 

Friday night I was at the office late and then decided I needed some serious TLC.
A spa pedicure, manicure, and ten minute massage later and I was feeling better.
Loving this color for spring.
Essie's Chastity.

After my relaxation at the nail salon I went straight to bed.
I had an early call time Saturday morning.
My friend Cassi and I were headed to New Jersey for a bridal shower for our sorority sister.
It was both of our first time on a NJ Transit bus.
We made it through the trip without any issues.
Although, Port Authority is MASSIVE.

Here's the beautiful bride to be!

Such a beautiful shower.

Made it back to the city without any glitches.
Crossing off busing to NJ from my NYC bucket list.

Al played golf Saturday and we met for a late dinner at our favorite Mexican spot.
Maryann's is the best after a long day.
(How cute is he?)

Sunday, I worked.
And Lily was so confused as to why I was the one working; usually it's Al.

Al took Lily to Frenchie Club while I worked.
Someone may have had to go home early for being a bit of a bully (and no, it wasn't Al).

Finished working in time to cook a healthy supper.
Flouder, couscous, and roasted veggies.

And look at this gorgeous salad I made from the left over couscous and veggies (and quinoa I had leftover from a recipe I'm sharing later this week).
Hello lunches all week. 

Ended the weekend with individual microwave brownies and ice cream.
Recipe to come soon!

Hope you had a great weekend!
Here's to a quick and light week. 


{photos by me}
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