I'm back!
Sorry for the lack of yesterday's post - I was in bed sleeping off my awful cold/sinus infection/sore throat situation.
The good news is I'm feeling a little better today.
The bad news is I have a lot of work to catch up on today.

While I'm catching up, take a look at these breathtaking photos from Mark Tipple.
He takes pictures of people underneath crashing waves.
They are stunning.
Despite the strong force of the waves, I find these photos to relax me.
Perhaps it's because I love the feeling of being underwater.
Everything just seems so quite and calm.
Take a look.

Find more about Mark Tipple and his work here.
Buy The Underwater Project book here.

Back tomorrow with a full post - it's almost wine night!


{images via}
{thanks to designmom for the find}
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