weekend recap

A bit late on this week's weekend recap, due to the blog-host-switch
I couldn't not write it because my mom was here! 
My mom, (known fondly as Pegs) and my step-dad, Carl stayed with us for the weekend. 
We had a blast.  
Here are a few pictures from the weekend. 

Mom and I went to get manicures one night 
and got stuck in a torrential down pour on the walk home. 
I haven't laughed that hard in awhile.

Friday night Pegs and I went to dinner with our family-friend Hilary, at our favorite mexican place, Maryann's
So so good. Mexican food is by far, our favorite cuisine.  
We may have also wore matching stripes all day. Twinsies!

While we were at dinner, Al and Carl were enjoying their awesome seats at the Yankees-Red Sox game.  
They were in the Legends Seast and had unlimited crab legs, steak, lobster, etc. 
I think I heard just as much about the food as I did the game.
They also got on TV every time there was a left-handed hitter. 

Saturday the boys were supposed to golf, but it was raining. Whomp. 
They watched the Olympics while Pegs and I do what we do best - shop.  

Pegs got this darling dress and belt at Madewell. 
She is so darn cute.

Good thing Pegs is petite, 
we were a bit concerned we couldn't both fit in the cab with all our shopping bags.

Saturday night we headed to one of our favorite West Village spots, 
Commerce for a long, delicous, and fun dinner.  
I love Commerce not only for their food 
(get the deviled eggs and the veal meatballs with polenta), 
but also for the ambiance and consistently good service. 
(If only they would let their hostesses eat some of the food; poor girls look like they're going to snap in half.)

Some pics from our booth at dinner.

Sunday we had brunch at The Standard Grill (and waited an hour for our food, ugh).
Pegs and I hit up a few stores in So-Ho where she had a legit freak out about C.Wonder
She was shrieking and pointing and gasping. 
I knew she was going to love it. 

We ended the day stopping by our favorite tea's flagship store, Harney & Son's. 
They have a giant wall of tea tins that you can sample. 
I tried the apricot and Pegs got the ginger peach.
I love how much we both love tea. 
It's a nightly ritual for both of us and we had fun wandering the store.

Sunday night we may have gone back to Maryann's for dinner with the guys. 
What can I say? Shopping just makes us want Mexican. 
Ended the day watching The Newsroom with P &C and gave Lily some snuggles. 

Miss you two already! 
Thanks for a memorable weekend!

{all photos by me}
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