weekend recap

Two things I'm not crazy about today: 
1. It's Monday.
2. I'm FREEZING. This might have something to do with the fact that I have wet hair in a bun and it's 20 degrees outside. Wups.

Enough of me complaining. 
We had a stellar weekend.
Here are a few pics...

Snapped this as I was leaving the office.
I love the energy of Friday evenings.
Everyone's bustling and happy and optimistic.

Sushi date with myself while Al worked away at the office
I may have followed this up with getting in bed at 9:30 to read.
I'm an old lady.

Woke up bright and early Saturday.
How all good things (and mornings) begin: 
2 sticks a butta.

Butter became 4 dozen cream cheese cookies.
Probably not the best way to follow-up my early morning Pilates. 

Met up with some girlfriends for brunch at Jane.
Look at this beauty - Johnny Cakes Benedict.
(Corn cakes, chicken sausage, poached eggs, tomato hollandaise)
I die.

Saturday night at the Pat Green concert.
He was just as good as when we first saw him in 2005.

Sunday I had a hankering for yellow cake with chocolate frosting (my fav).
Sometimes you just need to make a dang cake.
Know what I mean?

I had supper in the oven, a cake on the counter, and freshly folded laundry.
Time to enjoy the quiet with tea time and some travel planning.

Al and and a pal came home after the Knicks vs. Heat game to my spread of bbq ribs, cheesy potatoes, and cole slaw.
(Ribs recipe coming soon!)
I'm a sucker for a late-afternoon Sunday meal.
Reminds me of how we did it when I was a kid.

No better way to end a meal (and the weekend) than with a big ol slice of cake.

Hope your weekend was just as sweet.
Here's to a quick and WARM week. 


{photos by me}
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