weekend recap

I feel like I've been weekend-ing for days.
I'm not complaining - it's been stellar.
I'd like to do it every day, in fact. 
Here are a few pics of what we were up to the past few days...

First up, a few lot of pictures from the 4th.
Tons of fun with friends on the "fratio" (aka a giant patio at our friends' apartment).
A little photo booth action in front of the flag...

Dance party.
To Robyn of course.

We couldn't see the fireworks, but we did have a flag view.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you.
I made a flag cake.
From scratch.
Just like Ina would.

Friday I worked and then went to fix my hair.
Roots and dead ends be gone!
I seriously love going to my salon.
The cutest little brownstone in the West Village with the cutest little window views.

Afterwards, a quick Pimms Cup at Buvette while I waited for Al to join me.
Such a cute spot. Stop in if you've never been.

Al met me down in the West Village and we snagged a walk-in reservation at Little Owl.
This is nearly impossible, so I'd like to thank the majority of New Yorkers who fled the city this past weekend for our opportunity at a fantastic meal.
(Also - note the sweat coming off our glasses - SO HOT THIS WEEKEND!) 

Saturday Al took a friend to the Yankees game so I could head to the beach with my girlfriends.
T.G. I didn't go to the game - it was 97 degrees and being near water was a MUST.
On another note - I really want an American Flag beach umbrella.

A little Rockaway Taco action on our walk back to the train.
Apparently we weren't the only one's with the idea...

They were worth the wait.
Lived up to all the hype, for sure.
I dream of tacos now (actually, I always have dreamed of tacos, but now I dream of these tacos).

Sunday went a little something like this...

...and stayed pretty much like that the entire day with the addition of laundry and Maryann's for dinner.
A very relaxing end to a great long holiday weekend.

Now back to work for a full five-day work week.
Let's hope it goes by quickly and without any fire drills.


{images by me}
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