weekend recap

What a weekend!
We had a great time at October Ball.
(Aside from having a terrible cold. Blowing your nose in a ball gown -- classy).
Besides the ball, I also went through two boxes of Kleenex and one book.

Here are a few pics.
Friday night Al worked pretty late. 
I did everything in my power not to eat our entire Waldy's pizza before he got home.

The fresh "toppings" available at Waldy's.
Going to use this at my next "make your own pizza" party.

Started reading this book while waiting for Al to get home. 
Sometimes you just need a good dose of chic lit (the same can be said for Lifetime movies).

Apple doesn't recommend dripping snot onto one's iPad. 

Saturday morning we were supposed to go to Flywheel.
But I was le dying.
Snugged in bed reading till noon.
Someone's ears kept getting in my way.

Finally t'was time to beautify for the ball.
Here was my beauty inspiration because naturally I make mood boards for everything in life.

And we made it!
Check out this step and repeat awkwardness. 
Just call me Lea Michele.
(Also, for the record, I only know it's called a step and repeat based off of years watching the Housewives franchise. Thank ya, Bravo.)

How dapper is my husband? Seriously.

And my friends? Gah. Pretty ladies.

A fun night with 1200 of New York's prettiest people.
Seriously, single people -- ya'll should go to balls like every weekend. 
You could kill it.

And if snotting all over the silent auction wasn't classy enough, we ended the night in our formal wear...
...in McDonalds.

Sunday we made egg sandwiches...

...and Lily and Al got really into the Space Jump footage.
(May I just say, the man landed on his FEET. Amaze)

Finished my book. Cried several times reading it. So good. So sad. So happy.

Burned some apple chips.
(If you burn something and don't Instagram it...did it really happen?)

Went to bed early hopped up on NyQuil.
A wonderful 'Rose-style' weekend.
Perfect amount of fancy + Filet o' Fish.

Happy Monday!
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