weekend recap

How was your weekend?
Ours was lovely, but too short (what's new?).
Here are a few photos.

Friday night it was Num Pang sandwiches and our new favorite drink.
I think I could have this combo just about every night.

Saturday Al had an early tee time.
Look at this course!

While he golfed, I headed out to the Farmer's Market.
Everything was impeccable.
I mean...never have I ever thought onions were so beautiful.

A little flower arranging when I got home...
Name that movie - "Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?"

Al came home and we were off for our little New York tourist adventure.
Can you believe after five years, I've never walked all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge?
Only half way across for our engagement photos.
It was a beautiful afternoon.
Take a look...

I'm a little in love with this water tower.

Made it to Brooklyn!

Mexican food on the patio at Gran Electrica was the perfect conclusion.
Very very good food - if you go, get the spicy margarita.
It's next door to the famous Grimaldi's pizza, which (no surprise) had a line around the block.

Beautiful night celebrating surviving this crazy/amazing/inspiring city for five years.
(also, I'm such a sucker for big-bulb string lights)

Early to bed Saturday night as I tried to fend off  the summer cold I seem to have caught.
Which meant early to rise Sunday morning.
Which meant a glorious breakfast with some of our farmers' market tomatoes. 
(Al most as good as my dad's back at home.)

Then a little park time turned Pride Parade spectating.
So many people out in support - it was really quite touching.
AND we saw Countess Luann from RHWoNY filming - we walked right in her shot - look for us, k?

Sunday night we had dinner with our friends Kara and Kate.
Kate's beautiful table in her beautiful new apartment.

Up on the roof after dinner.
It looks like a movie set, no?

Brief photo session ensued...

And we couldn't forget the pooches!

Wrapped the weekend up with a surprise dessert I made - rainbow fruit tart for pride day!
With a cookie crust - because I didn't feel like making pastry dough.
The four of us might have eaten the entire thing...
I'm thinking all weekends should end with a giant cookie/tart.

Hope you had a sweet weekend, too.
T.G. it's a shorter week - well sort of, I still have to work on Friday.


{photos by me}
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