weekend recap

Welcome back friends.
Snowy Mondays should be a mandatory day-off day don't you think?
Regardless of today's snowfall and my longing for sweatpants and covers, 
we had a lovely weekend.
Here are a few pics.
Stopped for some drinks and a cheese plate before heading home on Friday.
Perfect way to enter relaxing mode.

Love the city when it snows. 
It just feels magical. 

Late Friday night we lost Mr. Moose.
He was a good moose.
Reports are that he was attacked by a rabbit-like animal.

Saturday we were off to Yankee stadium for our Ticket Upgrade Event.
It was fun to have free reign of the stadium.

After walking completely around the stadium, we decided to stick with our current seats.
Turns out we have the closest seats available for our package.
Good ol' seats 18 and 19 again this year. 

Obligatory World Series trophy pic.

Saturday night we met a friend visiting from Kansas City for dinner.
On of our favs, La Bottega.  
We sat outside (kidding).

Sunday we were out in Jersey for Team Zoey!
Thanks to everyone who donated.
Our team raised $2,000 and the event brought in a total of $32,000 for the Progeria Research Foundation

Sunday night was panini and soup night.
I am a firm believer that rosemary foccacia would make even the most boring of sandwiches outstanding.

A little SAG Awards watching and a little Downton and we were spent.

Another great weekend together doing things we love.
Here's to a quick (and warm) week!

{photos by me}
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