weekend recap

Hi friends and family!  
So sorry for a delayed Weekend Recap.  
We were hunkering down the last few days dealing with Sandy.
We never lost power, but did feel our building rocking and creeking back and forth.
If anything it was a lovely extra few day to snugs on the pallet.

My trip to Kansas this past weekend was just perfect.
Loved my sister time.
And her friends are just hilarious and sweet.

Here's a few pics from the last few days.
First off, don't wear minnie pants when flying to 40 degree weather.
My ankles were freezing!

Our first stop was Classic Cup for lunch.
Check out the gorgeousness that is this salad (and yes that's a hunk of goat cheese).

Then it was time for a little shopping with my sister and mom.

Per usual for our family, ended the shopping getting a little slap happy with the fur merchandise.

A few hours later, full of El Patron mexican food, we hit up The Levee for some beers and live music.  
How pretty is my sis?

Here friends are dolls, I tell ya.

After an early curfew and a good night of snuggin' Emmy, we were up and at 'em at 8am for Homecoming.

Walking up the hill to heaven, The Wheel.
I may have shed a tear at this moment.
So many classic collegiate moments happened at this bar.

So lucky to have scored a booth at 9am. 
T'was a Homecoming miracle!
If only we could have pulled out the win against Texas...

Somehow was handed this throughout the course of the day.
Genius Bid Day gift...to keep their diet coke cold, obvi.
Spotted my cousins-in-laws.  
How cute are they?  
Kansas makes pretty people.

Made a quick stop by The Bull.
So many afternoons spent flirting with Al on that deck.

Several hours later we had to make a visit to one of the greatest places on Earth.
This is where I spent four glorious years.
Love this house.

The next morning, Carl fired up some of his famous blueberry pancakes.
Also, look closely for Emmy's taking her first instagram on her new iphone.
Welcome to this century, sis.

Even the syrup is cute in Kansas.
Hello, sir.

Somehow managed to get on the last flight in to La Guardia Sunday afternoon.
Little wine with my girlfriend to help with the turbulence.

Made it home to find out work was cancelled on Monday.
Serious snugging ensued.

Thanks to Emmy and her friends and my family for an amazing and memorable weekend.
And thanks to KU for being the setting for the best four years of my life.
Was so nice to go back.
Stay tuned for a Hurricane Sandy post to come later today.

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