weekend recap

Man that was a quick weekend!
But we had a great time celebrating our friends Jeff and Sarah at their wedding in St. Louis.
Here are a few pics from the weekend...

Friday night packing and pizza (and wine).
From a new place we've been ordering from lately, Tappo.
I'm obsessed with this pizza - it has loads of caramelized red onion and sausage on it. 
So darn good.

Made the easy two hour flight to St. Louis.
Everyone in Clayton, MO is SO nice.  I forget how conversational people are!
I got caught up watching the end of "You've Got Mail" in our hotel room before the wedding.
One of my favorite movies of all time.
And, fun fact, did you know Al proposed to me in that very same flower garden at the end of the movie?  He didn't have a Brinkley though.

The wedding was at the Missouri History Museum.
What an awesome venue.
We dined under a huge plane!
Here's the stunning couple making their entrance.

Gorgeous venue, right?
I saw the couple sneak out with their photog once the sun went down or some nighttime photos.
I'm sure they'll turn out stunning.

Me and my handsome date.

Al and his high school buddies.
Boys will always be boys, won't they?

The next morning we arrived early at the airport, only to find our flight was delayed an hour.
I was okay with it because I thought their might be a Chili's in the airport
(For those who don't know - I am beyond obsessed with Chili's - mostly because we don't have any in NYC).
We were too hungry and tired to search, so we settled on some bagel place.
Only to find a Chili's next to our gate.
I almost cried I was so sad.

We checked in on Lily who spent her weekend with her BFF Lucca.
She seemed totally fine that we were delayed.

Oh, and look! They had our France rental car on display in the airport! ;)
Just kidding, but I will not be surprised if this is what we end up with next week.

One final project for the weekend - I packed up my First Day NY backpack.
First Day is an awesome program where you sponsor a child's first day of school.
He gets a backpack, the required school supplies, a new outfit and shoes, a book, and a letter from me.
This is my second year doing this and it is such a rewarding thing to do.
I recommend searching for similar programs in your area.
Every child deserves to be prepared and feel special on their first day of school!

Here's to a super quick week - we leave Thursday night for our France adventure!
Check-in tomorrow for a post all about my packing strategy.
(And yes, it's just as intense as our trip planning strategy!)

P.S. I can't take my eyes off the royal baby coverage.  Hurry up baby!

{photos by me}
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