weekend recap

We had a great weekend with my Dad and Melanie this weekend.
We gave them a taste of our standard weekend, including lots of Lily time. 

Here are a few pics...

Friday night we showed them our favorite Mexican place, Maryann's
(We take all our visitors there)
After some yummy food and margaritas, 
we hit up 16 Handles for ice cream for our walk home.
Saturday morning, I made Melanie's recipe for cinnamon rolls (stay tuned for the recipe).
They are seriously divine. 
After carbing up, we took a long walk over to the Hudson.
As I mentioned in Friday's post, our plan was to kayak but it was way too windy.
So we did the next best thing, and ate! Ha. 
Lingering lunch at The Frying Pan to watch the sailboats try to take on the wind.
Then it was on to Eataly for some browsing and procuring of dinner ingredients. 
They were pretty impressed by the place, rightfully so.

We met Al and Lily at the dog park and then headed home for a rest.
We were all pretty beat.
We had a big snack that evening with the cheeses, meats, and crackers from our shopping trip.
We ate so much that we moved our plans to cook a big dinner to lunch the following day.
I just busted out some panini for the group...
...and we continued to lounge with Lily.
Sunday Melanie taught me her recipe for Mediterranean Sole (again, recipe to come).
It was fun being someone's sous chef in my own kitchen. 
While we cooked, Dad & Lily read my coffee table book.
Lil really loves her grandpa.
Then it was time for the Chiefs game at The Mason Jar.
They are so...not good. Al still takes it very seriously.
One more quick trip to the park before they left.
Thanks Dad & Melanie for a great weekend!
Miss you guys already!


{all photos by me & Melanie}
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