I was 15 when the 9/11 tragedy occurred.  
At that time I viewed it as something that happened to America,
 but it was still something that didn't directly affect me.  
I didn't know anyone in the attacks.  
I hadn't even been to New York at that time. 

Having lived in New York for the past five years, 9/11 now resonates differently with me.  
I've heard stories from friends and colleagues about people they lost.  
I've watched the fire house across the street from us 
ring a bell and pause at 8:46, 9:03, and 9:37 each September 11th. 
I've witnessed the pile reduce and eventually become the new World Trade Center. 

The city today, like the past 11 years, is quieter, somber, 
as New Yorkers remember that day and the shock, horror, and grief they lived first hand.
I still feel sadness and anger.  
And I grieve for for those who lost loved ones.  
New York will never forget. 

{photos by me of our visit to the 9/11 memorial last January}
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