hairs cut

Am I the only one who gets SO excited to get my hair cut?
I think about it for days (sometimes weeks) leading up to it.
I scour the internet for inspiration photos.
And I feel legitimately renewed when I leave the salon.

I'm getting my haircut today for the first time since MARCH!
Last time I went dramatic and did the 'ol PWC (post wedding chop).
Eight inches and a highlight.
Felt so good.
Now that I've had six months of growth (with one root touch up of my highlights), 
I'm more than ready for a trim. 
Taking this picture with me this time. 
A bit more caramel-y on the highlights.
Some long layers throughout,
with a few face framing wisps.
 long layers

I'll let you know how it goes.
Bailey at Damien West can do no wrong.

{image of the stunning Maria Menounos from my pinterest}
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