weekend recap

Happy Monday!
Last week at work until TEN days off for Christmas!

We had maybe one of my favorite weekends ever (there I go again with the pontificating).  
Here are a few pictures.

Friday night outfit.
Re-wear (from last weekend) and don't care.
It's too cute to wear only once this holiday season. 

Very fun to see a different take on the show.
More colorful and playful than the NYC Ballet version.

Afterwards our group headed to James (a restaurant, not a person's home) for a lovely meal.
Such an adorable restaurant.  
And very good food (and service!).

Saturday we slept in a bit and then I went to meet up with my Aunt Kathy (her recipes here and here) and Uncle Jeff who are in town visiting.
We shopped our way from Bloomingdale's to Rockefeller Center.
Admiring the holiday windows all the way. 
Looking down from the second floor at Bendel's.

Inside at the Mackenzie Child's store. 
They had about ten of these trees stuffed with everything from teacups to colanders. Amaze.

And of course, The Tree!!

We had a lovely dinner with them at Osteria Mornini (one of my favorites).
Afterwards, Al and I had a quick drink at Lure...

...because I couldn't go home yet.
My (p)leather leggings needed more time out and about.

Sunday I made donuts (recipe to come tomorrow!)...

...while Al had a conference call.
You didn't know this is the new cool way to take calls, did you?

A lot of Christmas wrapping later, Lil and I took a break to check-in on Kate.
(What a good husband for bringing me anything Kate related + flowers!)

Then the laziness hit us hard and we napped...until bedtime.

Festive.  Restful.  And time spent with family.
A weekend for the record books.

Happy last week before Christmas!
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