holiday gift guide: for the stocking

One week till Christmas!
Time for number four of my holiday gift guides.

This time, pass on the packs of gum and pieces of fruit.
Fill those stockings full of these perfect little goodies.

I mean, come on.
This is just too darn cute.

Now you can look cute, stay warm, AND still instagram that pic.
Variety of styles and colors.  
Guaranteed to work on your touch screen.

Keep that tea bag from falling in your cup.
Once it's steeped, flip the top over and you have the perfect resting spot for your discarded bag.

Because every stocking needs something a little corny.
And seriously, I giggle every time I see this guy.

From my blogisphere friend (she's adorable, go check her out).
Calligraphy cards with the sweetest messages (my fav? "omg yay!").
Because there's something to be said about a hand written note on a super cute card.

I just stumbled upon Tarte's LipSurgence and am head over heels in love.
Now I want this whole "best of" set.
What girl doesn't want to try a new lip stick, mascara, and eye liner? Yeah, none.

For those of us who still read hard copy magazines for recipes (but I still love you pinterest).
The cutest way to keep track of your favorite finds in magazines and cook books.
Would even be great for planning a dinner party menu.
Ahhh, it's the little things.

Small and made of silcone so you can carry it in your bag all the time.
For all those impromptu dance parties you want to have...
...or just trips to the park. Whatevs.

For your everyday specs or your sunshades. 
No more losing and no more crushing.
I can't think of a safer (and cuter place) to store my Oliver Peeps.

Everyone needs to refresh their brushes.
Give the essentials from MAC in a fun case.
Professional grade and the perfect size for your purse.

There's still time to nab these babies before Christmas!
You'll have some very happy stocking recipients if you do.

Happy gifting!



P.S.  Stay tuned later today.  I did promise you a donut recipe...

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{graphics by me}
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