holiday gift guide: for the gent

Since it's Friday and Al's favorite day of the week, 
I thought no better time to post the second of my holiday gift guides.

Any man would love to find these under the tree. 
Trust me, I asked Al about all of them. 

So here you go, Katie researched, Al approved.
Gift ideas for the guy(s) in your life.
As I mentioned before, PJs are all that we open on Christmas Even in our family.
And these are cotton, rather than flannel, so the gent stays cool.

A step up from that fraternity key chain opener he used to still carries.
Looks swanky on the bar and an unexpected gift.

For the man who likes to play DJ at parties (hello Al with the Phil Collins).
Any device with Bluetooth technology can be amplified with this sleek speaker.
And also has room for several devices to charge while playing.

Al's jumped on the I-have-crazy-socks-on-with-this-boring-suit bandwagon and I love it.
This five pack ensures a colorful pair for each day of the week.

You mean your guy doesn't want a french bulldog tie?!
Frenchies or not, Vineyard Vines makes cute ties that look professional from a distance and playful up close (just how he is too, right?).

Give him a taste of New York with this NY-distilled bourbon.
Looks great on the bar, and tastes pretty good in a glass (see #7).

Let him feel all Don Draper with this set of swanky glasses.
This set is from the 1960's, but you can find a more reasonably-priced set here.

Beauty products made for a man.
The handmade beaver-hair brush will exfoliate, while the lotions and creams mosturize.
Best part, a way closer shave than that bottle of Gillette he's currently using.

Time to say goodbye to that fraternity hoody.
From the couch to brunch to a casual night out, he'll look uber cool in this pullover.
(More reasonably priced version here...but it ain't real vintage.)

Beacuse you have Nate Berkus and Lauren Conrad on the coffee table, 
let him have some space too with this book of quotes from every guy's favorite flick.
If you're lucky (?), maybe he'll recite each line just like they do in the movie.

So what do you think?
Find something for your dude?

Happy gifting!


Oh, and in case you missed a previous gift guide: 
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{graphics by me}
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