holiday gift guide: for the hostess

Time for number three of my holiday gift guides!
I know you've been just dying waiting this whole time.

We all have holiday parties to attend this season and it's only proper to come bearing gifts.
Here are ten of the perfect small gifts.  
Whether it be your boss, your mother-in-law, or the party planner in your life,
you'll be surely remembered as the best guest if you come bearing one of these.
Choose from a variety of cute label names for this award winning bottle of red.
My favs are "With Love", "Merci", and "Mozel Tov".

How adorable are these?
Makes me want to ring in the new year right away.
Also, found them cheaper over here.

A festive flavor that I enjoy all year long (so does my mom).
Cute little tin and each tea comes in a luxe silk satchet.

Any entertainer will tell you, you can never have enough dishtowels.
These will look pretty all year long in anyone's kitchen.
The fact that they're handmade is a nice touch.

5 - Meal Planner Calendar Notepad
Every party planner will just die at this darling meal planner notepad.
Sticks to her fridge and customized with her name, 
it is sure to be a much more elegant replacement to all those sticky notes.

6- Poinsettia Plant with Gold Planter
Can't make it to the party this year?
Send this timeless holiday flower in a beautiful gold ceramic pot. 
Better Homes and Garden's did this up for FTD so you know it's good.

7 - Charleston Bold & Spicy Bloody Mary Mix
The perfect bloody is hard to master; that is until I found this mix.
Take it to a brunch or let your host save it for her clean up the next day.
No matter when she drinks it, she'll be very happy she did.

8 - Frasier Fir Candle
If you read my poem, you know how strongly I feel about this candle.
It's a holiday must-have that one can never have enough.
Check out all the varieties of candles, diffusers, and potpourri. 

9 - Napkin Box with Weight
I've been giving these as gifts for years.
A variety of napkin and weight choices makes it perfect for any occasion, not just the holidays.
Will add that special touch to your host's counter all year round.

10 - Mr. & Mrs. Glasses
 A fun little set that will surely bring a smile to both mr. and mrs.
And if you want something more holiday-ish, check out the Santa versions here.

What do you think?
Did you find the perfect gift for your party host?

Happy gifting!


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{graphics by me}
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