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After much thought and a little research (i.e. Wikipedia), I have decided to name my new camera.  I mean, I already name other important objects in my life.  My label maker is named Barbara.  And Barbara is very near and dear to my heart.  So if I name my own darn label maker, it seems only fitting that my camera - a much more complex tool - should have a name as well.  It also makes it easier to talk about. "Al, can you grab Bernice?" rolls off the tounge better than "Al, can you grab my new Canon camera?".  See what I mean?

Two things to discuss here - 1. Why this camera?  and 2. Why Bernice?

Let's start at the beginning.  We've had a few digital cameras.  The first one Larry Johnson (yes, the former running back for the Chiefs) dropped it when we saw him in Las Vegas.  The second one mysteriously disappeared one day in Sheep Meadow in Central Park.  The third I won at work and required AA batteries and took worse pictures than Al's blackberry.  So we've made do with our iphones.  They worked alright.  I mean, I managed to produce over 1,500 instagrams (!!!).  But in those two years, and especially after I started The Rose Record, I longed for digital SLR camera.  Some people told me to wait until we had kids.  Some said to just get a point and shoot.  But, I still couldn't seem to change my mind.  This want was quickly becoming into a need.  I even asked you all for advice - thank you for all who responded!

I finally convinced Al that I was responsible enough to not lose a nice camera now that I'm practically 28 years old.  He asked to meet me over lunch at the camera store across from our offices last Friday - mostly as a way to cheer us up - he had been working all-nighters the previous three nights.  I went in pretty knowledgeable and asked to see both the Canon EOS Rebel T3i and the new Canon EOS Rebel SL1.  The man at the store laughed and said "oh, I know what one you'll pick" as he handed me both cameras.  The difference was shocking   The SL1 is SO light.  They both basically do the same thing (videos too!) so for me, it really came down to the weight.  I wanted something I can carry with me for an evening at the park or for a trip to France.  And taking my dad's advice "when you're buying big, buy local", we bought that little sucker from the nice man who has had his shop for 50 years.  I've been in love ever since (with the camera - not the man, although he was very sweet).

Now part 2 - the name.  Why Bernice?  I wanted to name her after a successful American women photographer.  I saw that Bernice Abbot is best known for her black and white photography of New York City architecture in the 1930s and decided Bernice was it.  It's fun to think I could shoot some of the same buildings now as Bernice did in her heyday.  Here are some of her awesome NYC images.
File:MANHATTAN BRIDGE LOOKING UP by Berenice Abbott in 1936.jpg
Manhattan Bridge (source)

File:Flatiron Berenice abbott 1938.jpg
Flatiron Building (source)
Penn Station (source)

So that's it.  All about my new camera, Bernice.  I can't wait to share better pictures with you - of food, of Lily, and of this amazing city.    I'm planning to take this online class to better my skills - I'll let you know how it goes.  Please let me know in the comments if you have any helpful tips or guides that I should know about.  I'm definitely a beginner and need all the help I can get!

{images by me except where noted - those are by the original Bernice Abbot}
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