valentine's gift guide

Since my holiday gift guides went over with you so well (here, here, here, here, and here)
I knew I had to provide you with one for Valentine's Day. 

I've rounded up ten things that any girl would love to be treated with this Valentine's Day.
((not just for your lover(s), don't forget mom, sister, friend, roommate, etc.))
Al, pay attention. :) 

With just two weeks until V-Day, it's time to get serious.
Share this gift guide with your Valentine and I'm sure you'll wind up with something good.

Because "I want you to want to do the dishes".
Let's face it, we all like it when someone else does an everyday task for us.

The perfect frame for any face. 
Trendy with the round shape. 
Flattering with the cat-eye.
You'll be ready for spring three more moths of winter with these babies. 

My new favorite beauty product.
It's a balm, stain, and the perfect amount of color for everyday wear.
I have it in the "lust" color, a lovely red to cure the winter blues.

Obviously, if you've read any one of my weekend recap posts, you know I am an excellent napper.
They have some other cute cards in their shop, if naps aren't your thing.

I am a huge fan of all of Clare's stuff, but I've had my eye on this hot pink envelope clutch for a while now.
Sometimes you just need that punch-you-in-the-face color to complete your look.

I want at least ten of these for my house.
For condiments, a garnish bowl on the bar, a bowl of matches on the coffee table, a ring holder on the vanity.... The uses are endless.
And those cute pearls on top just make me feel fancy.

Can you tell I'm in to hot pink this year? 
It adds so much spunk to an outfit.
Especially if you're like me and tend to wear mostly black/navy/white all year round.

I've lusted after one of these babies for years.
Actually, I really want to do one of his "make your own" and pick the colors.
Best part, on the flip side it's the same pillow but the colors are reversed!

These candles are legit people.
Not just for their amazing smells, but they last a.long.time.
This is their new mix with two of their best scents together.
And it's pink (more pink!) so that's festive.

Have you ever tried to print one of your instagram photos to a normal size.
And it's all pixelated and janky?
Now you can blow up your instagrams to any size with high resolution and they print on canvases!
Order a few and you can have yourselves your very own gallery wall in no time.

All items I wouldn't normally buy for myself, but would love to receive. 
I'm sure you (and your Valentine) would like them too.

Happy gifting!

{polyvore by me}
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