window ledge redux

After being stuck inside with the flu for five days
I was pretty sick of staring at everything inside our apartment.
The only advantage of being ill was that while laying on the couch too sick to read or watch tv, I stared at the walls and our stuff and started re-imagining our spaces.
I finally decided to make some changes on Sunday when I was feeling better.

The biggest change was the window ledge that is above our AC unit.  
It is just sort of there.
It looks too bare if I leave it empty, but I never knew exactly what to do with it.
So when we moved in, I threw up some picture frames and some wooden letters (from anthropologie ages ago) and called it good.  
Cue the before not-cute photo.
(And yes I still have my Christmas printable in one of the frames.
And my, that's a lovely ball of cords from the blinds. ICK!)
Additionally, we've been wanting to set up a bar area somewhere in the apartment. 
We hadn't pulled the trigger on anything yet because I didn't want to add another piece of furniture to our already slightly-crammed space.
We also wanted to make sure the bar was in an area that was up high and away from 
Lily so she couldn't knock anything over. 
(Although my sweet angel princess would never run around like a maniac and break things. No way.)
So that ruled out a bar cart on wheels type of situation.
(But, oh gosh, in our next place I will totally buy one of these babies.)

Only took me three years and a fever to think to use the useless window ledge as the spot for the bar! Duh!
I ran to West Elm and picked up a hammered metal tray for $24. 
(Along with $50 of other miscellaneous merchandise. How does that happen?)
That was the only thing I purchased to complete this transformation.
The rest we had on-hand lying around in the bedroom or in a cabinet somewhere.  

Here's the final product.
Much better, no? 

(And how random that the only bottle of booze we had in our house was a bottle of Bacardi rum? 
I need to go stock up this weekend with the essentials.)

We love it.  
I never noticed how often we look at that space from our living area.
You really notice the depth of the room now that there's some light and a function over there.
I'm still not sold on the small lucite tray right there, but realize when we do have company over it will probably be replaced by an ice bucket and bowls of garnishes.
Overall though, very very happy with our new bar.

Oh, and because if you're like me, you'll want to know the source for all the stuff: 

Wine Holder - Crate and Barrel, discontinued (similar here)
Clear Chevron Tray - Tilly Maison
Cocktail Shaker - Crate and Barrel (similar)
Hammered Metal Bowl - West Elm
Hammered Metal Tray - West Elm
Silver-Rimmed Cocktail Glasses - Williams-Sonoma (remember these from the gift guide?!)
Slim Glass Vase - no idea, had it forever
Paper Party Straws - Sweet Treats Supplies 
Lamp - Crate and Barrel (discontinued but found it here)

The other good part? 
I took those letters from the before-photo and put them up in our entry way in a spot that has been craving something tall ever since the lamp I had there just up and died.
Two birds with one flu-induced idea.
At least something good came from my five day wipe out

What do you think?
Do you have an area you need to re-imagine?


P.S.  And to those of you worrying about the shelf life of the booze atop our AC/Heater, I thought of that too. Should be fine since we rarely run the heat. Too much AC, I don't think, could hurt it. And the actual unit is underneath the ledge. It's not as if I'm putting these right on top of the unit itself. 

{photos by me}
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