weekend recap + i'm alive

Hi friends!
I'm alive!
Did you miss me?
Turns out I did, in fact, have the flu (despite getting a flu shot).
I was so sick that I couldn't even open my eyes to write to you on Friday and tell you I was sick.
I'm feeling much better now, but it was definitely an achy few days.
All I did was sleep.  
I'm calling it my Five Day Wipe Out, because that's exactly what it did.

Despite not getting out of bed until Saturday afternoon, we did manage to have a pretty good weekend once I was up and around on Sunday.
Here are a few pics.
After sleeping straight from 9am to 6pm, I woke up Friday evening to party on some Theraflu.
Managed to stay awake enough to finish the first season of Homeland with Al. 

Spent most of Saturday in and out of naps with this one.

Occasionally, she'd wake up to play with Al.

Her face was medicine enough for me. 

I finally felt awake and with enough energy Saturday night to leave the house.
I showered and got dressed and WENT OUTSIDE.
Just for a few hours to watch football with all at a sports bar.

Sunday I woke up and was feeling more like myself.
Was able to move around a bit faster and for longer periods of time without becoming exhausted.
Even managed some Sunday baking (check back this week for what I made).

Ran a few errands, rearranged some stuff in the house (more on that tomorrow), 
and made some pork chops for dinner. 

Then it was time for one of my favorite nights of the year, The Golden Globes.
For a play by play of what I thought, read my tweets here
Biggest take away of the night though was how knock-out amazing Jessica Alba looks.
This look solidifies her as my #1 favorite person right now.

Finally, Lily asked me to stop tweeting and come to bed.

Not too bad of a weekend, all things considered.
And the best part is that I'm feeling even better today and have that terrible flu behind me.

Have a splendid week.

{photos by me and here}
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