friday finds

My goodness this week has been nuts!
We've had a very very sick Lily Mayo this week.
She had a cold, which turned into bronchitis - fluid in her lungs.
Three days with the vet getting pumped full of fluids and antibiotics and she's slowly starting to get better.
If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen her sad pictures wearing the cone of sadness. 
(Cone was to protect her from messing with the IV site on her leg). 

Anyways, with Lil slowly on the mend,
and our stress level outta whack all week, 
we've determined this weekend as a "family weekend".
Basically, we don't do much other than snugs.
Sometimes, you just need to sit at home for a few days and recoup. 

Here are a few finds to browse while we're snuggin' baby Lil. 

Do you guys read bentlily?
She writes a poem a day.
This one really resonated with me this week. 
I've been a tornado of to-do list tackling, but now, I am le tired.

Clearly I'm not in to the Superbowl this year as I didn't even mention it in our weekend plans. 
But, I am pumped for the PUPPY BOWL!
Check out this year's line up

I couldn't take my eyes off this wedding.
A true, grown-from-the-heart wedding with all the right stuff (and amazing photography!).
I love weddings where it's clear that the focus is on getting married.

In the food and history realm this week, let's take a look at the influence of kitchen tools on man.

And finally, for your 90's fix, Dawson's Creek in the 1998 J. Crew catalog!

Wishing you a weekend of snugs!

p.s. Follow me on Vine!
More videos coming this weekend now that Lily can move.
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