gallery wall domination

If you follow me on Pinterest (which you should, obvi), 
you know that I have a somewhat obsession with gallery walls. 
There's something about a group of pictures 
all grouped harmoniously together that just looks...

We've been wanting to create one on the empty wall in our apartment.  
The wall is large and we can't put any furniture in front of it, 
as it's a passageway from the entry way and kitchen into the living area.

It took us awhile to collect enough images to start. 
We started with the eight items you see up there in that really snazzy gif that I created because I'm a technical genius.
Once you have enough items for a starter grouping, you are ready to hang your gallery wall. 

First, I traced our framed art onto wrapping paper 
and taped it in a variety of arrangements on the wall and lived with it for a few days. 
Once we settled on an arrangement, we laid it out on the floor with the actual frames. 
We used this as a guide to figure out how much spacing we wanted between each frame.
(Thanks for the photo bomb, Lily)

Next, we measured the entire length and height of the arrangement on the floor and found our center. 
We found the center of the wall and went from there. 

Then, hang away. 
Starting from your center point and working outwards.
Keep your spacing the same between each piece.
Definitely a two person job, if you ask me.

Materials you'll need: 
- Picture hangers & nails
- Level
- Tape Measure
-French bulldog that gets in the way
- Fountain Diet Cokes
- Golf on the TV to distract husband

Voila! Gallery Wall Domination. 

We've since added one more pic to our wall.  
Go here to see it in our weekend recap post.
Planning on adding many more in the months to come.

P.S. Want to know where we got each piece?  Check out this post

{all photos and genius gif creation by me}
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