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It's time for the last of my holiday gift guides. And this is my favorite one - for the stocking! For some reason, opening my stocking is one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning. From the random orange (but really - why do we always get a citrus fruit?) to the random little things to the mini makeup stuff, it's just so much fun!

Here are 10 great ideas to nab now and throw in your stockings. There's something for everyone on here.  Take a look...

1. OpenTable Gift Card - I LOVE that OpenTable is now offering gift cards. Pick a restaurant, or let the recipient pick for themselves. A great way to give the gift of a meal out.

2. Sugar Lip Gift Set - A tub of lip scrub (a must for chapped lips), and their best selling lip balm with spf. I swear by these products and I think the little ornament packaging is darling. $28

3. Grilled Cheese Toast Bags - After I saw these at my girls gift exchange party, I knew I had to include them on here. I think they are so cool! You can make a grilled cheese...in your toaster. Genius! $7

4. Shoe ID Tag - A serious must-have for any runner. This puts your personal and emergency contact information on a little band that you strap to your shoelaces so that, should anything ever happen to you while exercising outdoors (likely without your wallet/phone), you can be helped. My sister fainted once on a run and the people who helped her had no idea who to call or what to do. She now has a Shoe ID. $20

5. Wood Bottle Opener - Handmade wood bottle opener that isn't just cool, it's functional. Monogram it for a personal touch. $24

6. Bathtub Wine Glass Holder - Solving the first world problem of where to put your wine glass while you're taking a soak in the tub! It's a really silly gift, but according to the reviews it is pretty functional. $14

7. Kate Spade Roller Ball Perfume - I asked my sister for ideas for my gift guides and this was her number one recommendation. I bought a tube myself and she's right - the scent is perfect parts floral and spice. Love roller balls for keeping in my purse for a touch up during the day. $24

8. Lip Wipes - I bought a pack of these from the little bins by the check out at Sephora and am hooked! They remove any long-wearing lip stains, but best yet, they also remove wine stains from your lips (you know what I'm talking about!). Love 'em. $12

9. Candy Coal - A fun little play on "you'll get coal from Santa this year if you're not a good girl!". Except this coal taste like cinnamon. $2

10. Soaking Salts - Soak in these stress-reducing aromatherapy bath salts while using your bathtub wine glass holder (#6). Ha! But really, this is my favorite bath time accompaniment. It smells divine and makes your skin soft. The little 6oz tub is the perfect size for a stocking. $20


One week until Christmas Eve!  Better get shopping!

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