weekend recap

We did our have ourselves one festive little NYC weekend.  Here's what we were up to...

First of all, thanks for all the birthday wishes from everyone! I'm thinking that 29 will be good to me. Birthdays are always good for Miss Mayo, though. She gets a Sprinkles doggie cupcake for her birthday, Al's birthday, and my birthday.

Al was away Wednesday and Thursday so we celebrated my birthday Friday night. Usually I opt for a fancy dinner somewhere, but this year I wanted something low key and "cool". We settled on the duck dinner at Decoy - the small space tucked underneath Red Farm in the West Village. The place only seats 25 or so and serves mostly one thing - a peking duck dinner served with pancakes and fixings + fried rice and your choice of two small plates. We were STUFFED. And had a great time chatting with the bartender and eating lots and lots of duck. 

^^ Made us stop in front of this festive little street corner for a photo on the way to dinner.

Saturday I was up early running errands and wrapping gifts in anticipation of my holiday gift exchange with my girlfriends (aka "The Rubies"). It's not a party without my homemade cinnamon rolls

After what might have been the worst attempt at getting across town ever - I ran into the million man march AND drunk Santas for Stantacon while walking six avenues because all the streets were shut down, I made it to the party! Our secret santa gift exchange theme this year was "odd, but useful" which proved to be a challenging yet very very good theme! I got a tangle teaser and a cute journal. I gifted a strawberry corer and this fun mug. I think the best though was these grilled cheese toaster bags (!!!!).

The girls were so sweet and got me Momofuku Milk Bar cake truffles for my birthday! I forgot how fun it is to blow out candles!

A painful cab ride home (more protestors, even drunker Santas) and a quick outfit change and Al and I were off to Lincoln Center for The Nutcracker. We've gone the past five years with the same group of friends - it's such a fun tradition and even the guys don't seem to mind spending two hours at the ballet (we promise them copious amounts of food and drink post-show). There really is nothing like witnessing George Balanchine's beautiful version in the gorgeous setting that is Lincoln Center. Goosebumps.

Sunday was full of holiday fun at home.  I baked a TON of pfeffernusse cookies (little German anise flavored cookies) to give out to our neighbors and my team at work. I joked on instagram that no one knows what pfeffernusse are except for my family. Turns out there are a few others out there who know of them. I have such fond memories of my mom making them every holiday season and I took such delight in having that familiar smell fill our apartment. Although, I'm pretty sure my mom is the master, mine never turn out as well as hers. 

^^ All wrapped up and ready for gifting. Cellophane bags and butchers twine are a MUST for holiday baking.

Meanwhile (and because I made quite a mess while baking), we decided to open my Christmas gift from Al a few days early. Yes, that's correct - Al got me a vacuum for Christmas. So romantic! In his defense, I really really really wanted this and it does make me love him more - no more dog hair on my floors! Lily had to scope out her new frenemy, the Roomba. We had to let it charge overnight so they haven't had their first encounter yet, but I'm sure it will be momentous. She hates our stand-up vacuum, I can't imagine this one won't freak her out any less.

And to end things on a truly random note, I lost my new Armani lip stain on Friday night (the one I mentioned here). In a jam, I grabbed something from Duane Reade on Saturday and I'm in love! And it was $10 and not $30! Boots No. 7 Stay Perfect Lip Stain in color "Seduce". Stayed on my lips all day long and didn't dry them out. I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it!

And that's it! Ending this post with a lip gloss rant. My high school English teacher would dock me points for having no conclusion. Hope your weekend was filled with holiday fun and ruby red lips! ;) 

T-minus five days until we're back home in Kansas with a week off of work! Woop!

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