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Despite the fact that I've had to wear tights the past two days, spring is technically here. I'm feeling a big need to refresh everything, from home decor, to my wardrobe, to my beauty routine. Spring is when I start thinking differently about my skin and beauty routines - opting for products that brighten my face, make-up that feels light, and colors that wake me up. 

Like I've said before, I always get a very clear sense of when I need write about products when I find myself telling everyone me about them. I held court Saturday night for a good ten minutes raving about these new favorites. Each of these checks the box for a spring essential. Give them a try and you'll fee fresh faced and ready to take on this glorious spring (whenever it arrives...).

Rodan + Fields Micro-Dermabrasion Paste // You guys. This stuff. Oh goodness. I want to rub it all over my body. The best way to slough off all those dry, dead winter skin cells and make way for what feels like new skin! Just a little bit massaged into dry or damp skin twice a week and your face is velvety soft. I felt better after using this than I do after some facials. My friend Lindsey who is a consultant for Rodan + Fields (the same team behind Proactive) sent me a sample of the micro-dermabrasion paste, along with R+F's Night Renewing Serum and Lip Renewing Serum. The three of them combined made my skin feel smoother, younger, and my lips finally stopped doing that flaky thing. I can't wait to try more of their products and you can bet that the full size micro-dermabrasion paste is in my next order. 

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua // Confession, I actually already told you about this. But I stopped using it for a few months in the winter when I was slathering on my tinted moisturizer instead. This foundation has made its way back to the top of my makeup bag now that my skin is less dry and I'm ready for a lighter look and feel. The more I use it the more I love it. It's weightless. And doesn't feel tight or greasy. I actually do this weird thing after I put it on where I move my face all around and softly pat my cheeks, as if I'm surprised that I actually have make-up on. This one deserves its second shout out. It's top notch. (Bonus points for having SPF 15.)

Essie Nail Polish in Find Me An Oasis // I'm all about lighter nails this spring. I've seen many gals sporting straight white nail polish that looks so fresh. This icy blue color is a little less stark than plain white, and is a soft enough blue that it's not all "I HAVE BLUE NAILS!" (a constant issue for me since I work in a conservative business setting). Pairs nicely with all of spring's pastels and packs a nice pop of color against neon and bolder colors too.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner // I've tried almost as many liquid liners as I have mascaras. And that is to say all most all of them. Most pen-style liners dry out after a week or two, or they're not pigmented enough. But this? This is perfection. The pen itself has a nice little contraption where when you put the cap on, the felt tip clicks down and back into the vessel a little, meaning it stays nice and saturated and doesn't dry out. The pigment is fabulous - very black and not faint at all. And the tip is just the right amount of pointy for the precision of a winged-liner look. Lasts all day long (as it's name suggests) and comes off easily with eye make up remover.

Chanel Lip Gloss in #169 Jalousie // I'm cheating again here because I already mentioned this one to you too. But I received so many compliments in the past few weeks since I've been sporting it, it must be mentioned again. In lieu of a bold red lip, I've been opting for this pop of fuchsia and it makes all the black I wear feel less wintery and more springy. This is the first lip gloss I've ever tried from Chanel and I don't think I'll be switching brands ever again. The color is saturated, but not as bold as a lipstick. And the gloss, by some miraculous scientific invention, is not sticky in the slightest. It goes on easily, lasts a long time, and doesn't dry out my lips. I think I'm going to get the orangey color (#166 Amour) next! (Oh, and the photos online show a lot of sparkles, they're not really that sparkly in real life.)

Sonicare Flexcare Plus Toothbrush // This is my first real electric toothbrush. I've tried those battery operated kind from the drug store before, but I decided it was time to get a little more serious about my oral health. Al's always sworn by his Sonicare, but I never really got it. Until now. I have never been so excited to brush my teeth in my life. It's like a teeth cleaning from my dental hygienist every time I use it. Now that we're all coming down from our seasonal affective disorder, we'll be smiling a lot more. Time to make those teeth shine (and my dentist says my gums look better than ever!).

So slough off that dead skin, toss out the thick make up, tubes of red lipstick and dark polish, and shine up those pearly whites. It's springtime y'all!                                                                     


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