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I always know when it's time to share new things I'm loving when I find myself gushing about them to any and all people.  Here are five new favorites I just wont shut up about. Give them a try - you'll start telling everyone about them too.

This stuff is amazing.  It leaves my lashes feeling natural all day long.  They don't get dry and break or get clumpy.  Just lots of volume and soft to the touch.  Even after applying a few coats.  I love the big fat brush too.  Perfect for the office when I don't want to look too made up.  $7

My sister got my mom hooked on these and my mom got me hooked.  They are the perfect snack when you would normally reach for something sweet.  They're only lightly dried so they're still chewy and full of flavor.  I go through at least a bag a week at work.  Light on the calories, high on the vitamins.  I feel good snacking on these.  $12

I mentioned a little bit before about my new planner, but I need to rave again.  I've always been the type that needs to write things down.  Lists for days, calendars all over the place, sticky notes covering my desk.  Now everything is all in one place - our menus, our weekend plans, my bog schedule, reoccurring birthdays and anniversaries - it's all there. And I feel so. much. better.  I love how customizable they are too.  From your name (or a photo) on the cover, to additional pages and stickers, you can really make this work for you.  Go to take the tour of all the features.  I can't say enough great things.  $50

I just got this last night and immediately when home and played around with it.  First impression:  AWESOME.  I have really slick hair, so when I want my look to be a little more tousled and messy this stuff is gonna be handy.  I'm still testing out how to use it with my shorter look, but my friend Susan (who has fantastic hair) swears by this stuff.  I just got the small 2 ounce bottle to try, but I think I'll be going back for the big one very soon.  $22 / $42

Ten minute barre, Pilates, or yoga workouts on my phone?  Um yes please.  Now even if I'm exhausted when I get home, I can quickly do a quick core session from my living room (with Lily biting my socks off) and not feel so lazy. The app also has recipes, shopping lists, a place where you can book an in-studio class, and you can pick music from your own iTunes while you do the ten minute workouts!  My favorites so far are Park Bench Yoga Sculpt and No Props: Legs, Arms, Core + Stretch.  This app leaves me with no more excuses!  $5

Five new favorites to jump start your year.  What are you loving right now?

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