weekend recap

Hello hello. What a lousy day of basketball yesterday. Both KU and Wichita St. knocked out. As my dad said, "well, now we can get on with gardening.". Al's going more of the "now we can focus on the Royals" route. ☺ Despite two terrible basketball games, the weekend was pretty great. I could use one more day to get some stuff done, but isn't that the case every weekend? Here are a few photos...

Friday night fetch was just what I needed to come down from an intense Friday at work. It's the little things in life that bring you back when you need it. Love my Lily girl for that.

Tried a new delivery pizza place on Friday - Forcella.  A pretty good pie. A little greasy, but that's probably just the result of getting good pizza delivered. The dough was spectacular, though.

Saturday I woke up and immediately took down the last of my winter decor. Good riddance red berries. Hello bright, cheerful magnolias.

And our NatureBox came! Some great snacks for this month. Those blueberry coated almonds are definitely already gone.

Then we were off to the park for several hours of sunshine and play. The park was packed and Lily met terrorized many friends.

And then she crashed hard. She slept straight on 'til morning. (Sorry for all the Lily photos. I was super in love with her this weekend. Also - those ears. Whoa.)

Saturday night we met up with our sweet friend Jolie for a drink at Acme. Jo and I still can't stop talking about how good this cocktail was. Tequila, grapefruit juice, ginger, and honey. Yum.

Fun group dinner at Lafayette afterwards. Our first time there and the food was very good. I was more focused on conversation though. Love long, lingering dinners with laughter and old college stories and catching up with friends.

Sunday we gathered with our troops to cheer on the Jayhawks. (I know, I have pretty friends.)

We started out happy/nervous. Ended sad. Very sad. (Al's sad face = blue steel)

And now, today, I'm wishing I were with Lily Mayo doing this...

Hope you had a good weekend (despite our losses)!
Cheers to a quick and warm week.


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