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One of my favorite parts of shopping ever since I was young was afterwards, when I would go home and show my dad/roommate/Al all my good finds.  My dad would nod politely, my roommate from college, Caitlyn, would "oohh and ah" along with me, and Al is pretty complimentary (after asking how much I spent).  

I'm the same way with my friends. If I know they had a big shopping trip I make them tell me everything they got in detail and how they're going to wear each piece. Does anyone else do this or is just me? 

True to form, once I arrived back in NYC, I presented Al all of my goodies.  And again yesterday, I found myself going item by item with my friend Ashley as we collaborated when and how I could wear each piece. So I thought, why not share with you too? Here's what I loved, some (not all!) of which I purchased, on my shopping days in Kansas City. Kind of funny how I can basically build an entire wardrobe out of Nordstrom, J.Crew, and Madewell. I also think I'm one of the few people who travels from NYC to KC to shop!

Hoping these outfits inspire you to jazz up your own spring wardrobes!


#1:  From Office to Date Night:

^^^I'm so glad I found a pair of trendy slouchy pants! Can't wait to wear these on the weekends (they're probably a little too informal for my office with the elastic waist band and all). The silk top is a no-brainer for work and can be done for evenings simply by changing the accessories.  And how fantastic is that perforated blue bag? Will be wearing that constantly. Oh! And that's the lip gloss I was talking about in the weekend recap. It's a bright fuchsia and I'll be replacing my standard red lipstick for it this spring and summer. And finally, SJP shoes for Nordstrom. Bless her.

#2:  From Easter to Showers:
spring shower

^^^ I saw this pleated skirt in the catalog and knew it had to be mine. I love the playfulness of it along with the classic colors.  Pair it with one of spring's pretty pastels, a statement bag, and beautiful sandals and you have your go-to look for Easter, wedding showers, and other spring  fĂȘtes.

#3:  From Brunch to the Park:
spring weekend

^^^ Behold, my weekend outfit from now until it turns 80 degrees. I love the mix of the feminine coral sweater (but with edgy shoulder zips) and boyish destroyed denim, hat, and sneakers. Oh, and those are a new SLIP ON converse. They have elastic at the back and a smaller area that covers the top of your foot so you can keep them unlaced and not walk out of them. I can't tell you how revolutionary this is. Can't wait to sport my Baldwin KC hat all over the city this spring. Hides my dirty hair and makes one step closer to being more like Olivia Wilde.


I hope you enjoyed my post-shopping share as much as I did. It's so fun to talk about your finds. What are you excited about that you purchased recently? Happy shopping and happy (almost) spring!


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