the penny trick

I'm sure you guys are right with me when I say that I am beyond ready for spring. I've been grabbing the $5 bouquets of tulips from the grocery store since oh, I don't know...January. The thing about tulips, though, is that they can get kind of droopy.  You know what I mean? How they start to curve out over the vase? So annoying. I want perky tulips! And that's why I love this trick. 

I'm not sure where I first read it, probably in Real Simple. I do know it was back before the Pinterest days (weird. life before Pinterest). Anyways, it's a really simple trick (ha!). All you have to do drop a penny into a vase (or a ball jar in my instance), fill it with luke warm water, and add freshly cut tulips (cut stems on a diagonal). 

After doing some research, I've come across conflicting information - some say the penny trick just an old wives tale, others say it has to do with the copper acting as an acidifier to decrease the water's Ph. 

My research also said that all-copper pennies are not minted anymore.  I randomly happened to grab some special penny with a weird 'tail' to it - what is that?  It's definitely new.  When you're picking your penny, look for one that dates before 1982.  Copper pennies before 1982 are 95% copper, so they'll work best here.

So whether fact or fable, give it a try yourself.  For me, it works.  Below are the tulips right after I put them in the vase. See how they're a little fanned out?

And a few hours later?  Perky tulips that stand up tall.  See?

One final note, you should change the water and trim the stems of your tulips (and any fresh flowers for that matter) every day. Especially because some of what I read said that the pennies will discolor the water a bit, so you'll definitely want to replace it each day.

Here are my little bursts of springtime two days after purchasing.  See? Still nice and tall!(and ready for some more water!)

Test out the penny trick and let me know if it works for you! In the meantime, I'm going to go through my change in search of a pre-1982 penny.

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