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Hi! How was your weekend? My trip home to Kansas City was absolutely perfect. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect trip. Here are the photos to prove it: 

Thursday night at the airport. Has anyone else seen the new terminal set up at Delta? They have ipads at the gate where you can order food and beverages. Wine (and entire pizza) while I wait right at my gate? Yes please.

My mom and I stayed at my sister Emily's darling apartment in Kansas City. She moved in a few weeks ago and it is already so cute.  See?  Obsessed with those pillows.

Em had to work on Friday so it was just me and mom. After building that floor lamp you see up there^^ for Em (it's from Target!), we headed to my most favorite places to shop - Nordstrom. Side note: I cannot wait until 2018 when NYC finally gets it's own Nordies. Aside from the well lit store, friendly customer service, and great brands, they also have Nordstrom Cafe.  My mouth is watering just thinking of that tomato soup...

Mom and I were very successful in our shopping trip. I picked up some great items - I'll share more on that later this week. After shopping we stopped by my Cousin Allison's home to play with the two cutest kids on the face of the Earth - Luke and Grace.  Grace is a total girl. When she wasn't in her ballet costume, she was painting my nails...  (#longtoes)

Luke on the other hand is all boy. Talks of legos, super heroes, and airplane tricks...

After shopping and playing, it was time for some drinks and dinner. Mom and I found a notepad with this on it sent a photo to Emily who was still at work. She didn't think it was all that cute.

We met Em and her boyfriend, Tanner for dinner at Port Fonda, a super cute Mexican spot in Kansas City's Westport. Despite a slight hold up with our reservation, the meal was wonderful. I think we have the only mother who orders tequila shots to start dinner. I will say, we were all a bit cranky and tired and they definitely got us in a better mood.

Love these girls with all my heart. I don't care how nerdy it is to say my best friends are my mom and sister. It's the truth. (Notice our matching fuchsia lip gloss - a score from our shopping day. We obviously bought a tube for each of us). 

Saturday it was up and at'em for more shopping.  But first, brunch.  Westport Cafe did well on the brunch scene - croque madame, pomme frites, and homemade mayo. Bonus points for tulips on the table and cute coupes for mimosas. 

After some shopping for goodies for Em's apartment, we obviously had to stop by J.Crew. We all have such similar taste and always end up pulling the same items to try on (remember this?).  More embarrassing is that we try the same item on at the same time... and then our mom takes photos. So awkward. (And yes, we both purchased the dress.)

We met Tanner and my step-dad, Carl for dinner that night at Brio on the Plaza. I ate, no joking, a pound of pasta. I was on vacation - calories don't count. It was so nice to see Carl and have everyone all together (we missed you, Al!).

Sunday morning Em and I were up early to make some cinnamon rolls and wait for my dad and step-mom, Melanie to stop by. Em mostly watched, while I did the work.
^ Awesome morning hair.

Our project with dad and Mel was to spray paint Emily's Ikea coffee table.  It required a lot of focus as you can see. (Dad might have taken over after a few sprays.)
^ Proper spray painting uniform: flannels + uggs
Looks pretty good, right?
I'll give you a full tutorial with photos soon.  I was there with Bernice to capture the steps. 

And then, sadly, it was time to go. Not without a stop at Winsteads for a burger and cherry limeade though. (I'm in detox mode now after eating all that yummy stuff all weekend. Yikes.)

And then I was home! Kisses from my sweet Lily girl.

And everything went back to normal. Al on a conference call, thai food, Lily begging, and me watching E!.

Thanks for an incredible trip Mom, Em, Tanner, Carl, Allison, Dad, and Melanie! It was the perfect mini spring-break for me. Feeling inspired and recharged.  Love you all!


And one more, because I just can't get over her hilarious face:

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