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Apologies for the short posts this week, I've been focused on my trip to Kansas City all week long. I'm headed home tonight to spend time with my mama and sis to shop, snugs, and decorate my sister's new apartment. (I'll also get to see my dad, step-mom, and step-dad too! A little time with all my loves.) Excitement doesn't even begin to describe my feelings. This whole trip stemmed from me bawling one morning a few weeks ago when my mom and sister Facetimed me when they were together. No matter how old and how used to living away from them I get, I think I'll always feel a bit envious and sad whenever my family is all together without me.  But! Today's the day. I get to squeeze their faces in a few hours! I might just jump for joy (like that gif ^^ of us back in Mexico).

While I'm away, enjoy double the amount of links I'm loving from the week.  I'll be back Monday and back to regular scheduled posts next week.


Look! Bernice Abbot! Remember when I named my camera after her? I love learning about her. What an impressive lady.

Behind the scenes with Dominique Ansel (the cronut inventor).

Did you know this factoid about The Oscars?

Oh no. This is serious.

Amusement park meets food stuff. I want to go to there.

On of my favorite home fragrance brands now has a skincare line.

And a bunch of stuff about the Adele Dazeem/Idina Menzel scandal:
     Travoltify your own name! Mine is Kenzie Ree.
     Couldn't agree more with The Fug Girl's take on the whole baffling moment.
     Idina and Jimmy. Love.

What Barbie looks like with normal proportions. Perfection. Genius. Why is this only now coming out in 2014?

THIS. is. awesome. and weird. How'd they do that?

Speaking of reading. Currently reading this.

Yep. All of these are right. I once only bought groceries from the bodega next to us for 3 weeks straight.

What kind of entertainer are you? I got mostly B's and D's.  My goal every time I entertain is to be like Ina.

Leaving you with two very important food-related items. One. and Two.


And with that, I'm off to the airport, my loves. Have a lovely weekend! (And if anyone is in New York this weekend and sees Al and Lily at the park, give them my love. Poor Lil cried the whole time I was packing last night.)


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