duvet discovery

One of the funniest moments I have from our first year of living together is 
Al coming home to me with the comforter spread out on our living room floor 
(our bedroom didn't have enough floor space for that) 
with my entire body inside the duvet and my feet sticking out.
He had no idea what I was doing and was shocked to
1.) learn you are supposed to wash the duvet cover and 
2.) that the only way to assemble it all back together was to dive inside of it.

Five years later and Al is still surprised that I wash the duvet cover 
(I do it regularly; we have a dirty pup that sleeps in bed with us), 
but I no longer do the whole 'I'm-getting-eaten-by-the-comforter' bit to put it back together.

Somewhere along the way I came up with this duvet reassembly method that is fast, easy, 
and requires no acrobatic moves.
Maybe this is how all people do it and I was one of the few who didn't know.
But, if you were like me and despised this chore, you'll love this.
(I apologize in advance for the awfulness of these photos)

The Fast & Easy Duvet Cover Trick
Step 1:  
Lay duvet insert out on top of your bed.

Step 2:  
Turn your duvet cover INSIDE OUT and lay it on top of the duvet insert.
Step 3:  
Join your corners.
Our duvet cover has ties on the inside to connect to the insert.
If you don't have ties, try these clips to help keep the corners together.

Step 4:
Time for the magic step.
Separate the opening of your duvet cover and reach up inside, grab a corner and turn it right-side out.
Do the same for the other side/corner.
You should end up with the insert inside of the cover.
Step 5:
Fasten duvet.
Mine has buttons; some have ties.

Step 6:
Place cute frenchie atop your finished work.
Stand back and admire.

Maybe everyone and their mother has been doing it this way from the start.
Either way, I was pretty pleased with myself on this one.
Hope it makes your life a little bit easier, too. 


{Apologies for the terrible awful no good photos. We have no overhead light in the bedroom and I was using an iphone. AND my duvet is practically white making it hard to see the difference between it and the insert. Sorry.} 
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