winterization prepartion

With the pending cooler months, I've already begun my winter-time beauty regimen.
I'm a firm believer that just as you switch out your closet for the season, 
you should do the same with your beauty arsenal.
Here are my winter-time must-haves.
Now, like I mentioned before, I do have fairly oily skin (melty face...remember?).
But this doesn't mean I don't lather on the moisturizer in the winter.
I stick to my normal oil-free stuff for the morning, but at night I use the time tested, mother approved, Ponds Dry Skin Cream.
POND’S® Dry Skin Cream
This stuff is amazing.  
Don't be alarmed by the slightly greasy feeling. 
Just rub it all in and go night-night.
In the morning you'll awaken to hydrated happy skin.

Speaking of skin, I get some serious winter dry skin.
I'm talking clawing my legs with my finger nails while Lily cocks her head to one side judging me.
This is the only stuff that puts the itch at bay all day long.
Healing Skin Ointment
Trust me on this one.  Apply right after the shower so your skin can soak it all up.

Speaking of showers, now is a great time to mention that in the winter you should try to resist taking scalding hot showers.
This is hard for me.  
I'm always cold so I prefer my water to be just slight of burning the heck out of me.
But seriously, it will keep your skin and hair and scalp from drying.

Speaking of scalp (do you see a pattern here?), my head itches in the cooler temps.
I don't have dandruff flecks, but just a constant itching (attractive huh? And no, we don't have bed bugs).
I've been using this new shampoo and conditioner for about a week and feel substantially less itchy.
Not to mention it leaves my hair soft and really manageable.
And not too much build up either which is good since I wash my hair every other day. 

Speaking of hair, I also switch up my deep conditioner in the winter.
I go for something heavy duty that adds moisture and helps fortify my ends so they don't split (or so they split less, because let's face it, who doesn't have split ends?).
I just got me some of this heaven in a jar and have been using it once a week for the past two weeks to great results. 
Leave it on, putting more on toward the ends of your hair.  
Clip your hair up while you finish showering.  
Then comb through and rinse it out at the very end of your shower.
Voila! New hair that you'll want to kiss (?) (Err bear with me here trying to keep this segue thing happening.)

Speaking of kissing, don't forget about showing your pucker some extra love in the winter.
I exfoliatate my lips every morning with this stuff and it gets off all that rough icky skin that makes your Lady Danger lipstick look cheap.

Top off your kisser with some lip treatment and you're protected from the cold, wind, and that weird scratchy thing that happens when you zip your coat all the way up to your chin.
 (That happens to you too, right?)
So, my friends, don't you think it's time to winterize yourself?  
I do.

Has anyone used any of these products?  
Are there any other winter must-haves that I'm leaving out?

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