two new favs

I always know when I should do a post about new products I'm loving when I find myself telling just about everyone about it - at work, with friends, on the phone with my sister, my doorman...

So here they are - the two products I can't shut up about. 

 This stuff is a Godsend.  It's a deep conditioner that has dramatically changed my hair.  I haven't had a hair cut in three months so the ends of my hair are really starting to split and get that weird white residue on the end.  For the past three weeks, once a week, I shampoo as regular and then slather this all over my head - focusing more of it on the ends of my hair.  I clip my hair up and leave the balm in for about five minutes.  Then COMB IT THROUGH with a wide tooth comb - that's important.  Then rinse thoroughly.  You'll feel the difference immediately  - especially when blow drying.  Trust me on this one - $7 to change your hair.

The second new product, well, it's actually two - is the new Lumiere Foundations from Chanel.
I use the Vitalumiere Aqua for everyday wear.
It goes on so smooth and is weightless.  It truly feels like I'm not wearing any makeup at all.  I use my fingers to apply this as the heat from my hands helps it blend seamlessly.  It doesn't leave me with melty face like some other products and lasts through even my longest work days.  It's light coverage - it really just blends away any dark spots and gives you a smooth-skin look.  It will make great skin look even better.

For times when I want a little more coverage I go with the Mat Lumiere Foundation.
This lasts a longgggggg time - though a full days, long sweaty summer nights, weddings with lots of dancing - you name it.  I use this brush to buff the foundation into my skin which allows me to use less product and still get full coverage with an airbrushed look.  This one doesn't feel as weightless as the Vitalumiere Aqua, but it isn't so heavy that it sets into wrinkles and lines.  It's the prefect product for when you want a more 'made-up' look.


Two (err, three) of my new favorites.
Give them a try.
You, too, will find yourself telling everyone about them.

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